Friday, September 15, 2006

And an awkward silence fell over the gun club ...

Pretty much the definition of "words coming back to haunt you":

The gun college killer Kimveer Gill displays proudly on his blog is a restricted firearm under Canadian law but popular with the country's shooting fraternity.

"To be perfectly honest it's a lot of fun to shoot," said Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, who also owns a Beretta CX4 Storm.

"The little pistol calibre it comes in gives virtually no recoil. It's very accurate. The firearm is just one of those firearms that's just a lot of fun to spend a day at the range with." ...

"It doesn't have a huge muzzle blast," Bernardo said from Oshawa, Ont.

"It doesn't recoil you back into next week. It's just a fun little gun that people go out and shoot tin cans at the range with.

In unrelated news, the Catholic Church gave its highest rating -- 5 stars -- to the Astroglide line of personal lubricants.

"Hey," said the National Post's Father Raymond J. de Souza, "it's water-based and water-soluble, so it cleans up quickly with just a wet paper towel. What's not to like?"


eb said...

You missed the best part (emphasis mine)!

"Those people who own them are a little horrified at this particular moment. Nobody envisions that this thing would be used in that manner. That's not what it was made for."

I'm sorry, what? It's a fucking gun! It's made to shoot things! What the fuck was it made for? Petting kitties?

Stupid gun nuts.

Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Might I say, as somebody who likes guns, and would like to see the gun registry dismantled... CC is right.

This guy (gunrights guy) IS a dumbfuck. Thanks Mr.Gun Rights Dumb-Ass for taking the gun-rights movement back a good 10-15 years or so with your well thought out, sensitive comments in the wake of this bloody horror show.

/end sarcasm

as for EBs question. What are guns for? Well, if I had a CC liscence in Canada, and I had been at the location when this went down, you might have seen that guns can also be used for self-defence against kooks like Gill and there might have been a few less dead people.