Friday, February 24, 2006

Onward, Christian martyrs.

Jeff Shallit reports on a Christian whiner who seems to think it constitutes religious discrimination if the world doesn't revolve around her. You can read the whole thing for yourself and follow the links, but here's the part I find the most entertaining:

In an isolated e-mail, another UBC student said of a prominent Christian politician that he made him “recall fondly a time-period when Christians were stoned.”

Excuse me? Another student, in an unrelated e-mail, takes a whack at someone's religion, and this constitutes discrimination? Are you serious?

So does it constitute discrimination if I suggest that way too many Christians are a bunch of whiny-ass titty babies? Or do I still have the right to free speech?


Alison said...

I also “recall fondly a time-period when Christians were stoned” quite a lot of the time -
it was during the 70's. They also handed out food and blankets to the homeless and founded many human rights orgs still going strong today.
I rather liked those Christians.

GoodGrief said...

While I agree with you, 150%, do not underestimate the influence of these Jeebus floggers. They are not knowledgeable, they believe in the Old testament - origins questionalbe - and certainly do not profess the same beliefs that Jeebus supposedly believed, but it doesn't matter. Whatever gets them what they want, short of hard work, scholarship, ability, is what they want, but only if it is for them, and none of those other un-deserving folks who are not of their skewed belief,or of their skin colour, sexual orientation, abortion providers etc. I might be too harsh here, but I doubt it.
The problem is that they hold a ton of power in the U.S. because the liberals thought that their schtick would never take hold. Well, guess what, it did. What makes anyone think that we are any different. These folks have been waiting for years, and now they have their very own thinktanks in Ottawa.
Scared, you betcha I am.

Rolf said...

Holy Jeebuz, you'd think that they were being thrown to the lions again!

cmax said...

" Rolf said...

Holy Jeebuz, you'd think that they were being thrown to the lions again! "

Maybe they should be. Religion is for babies, much like Santa Claus and that fucking Ether Bunnie...