Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now THERE'S irony.

With respect to the whole U.S. port management outsourcing dust-up, it's more than a little amusing to note that the same GOPers who are turning on the White House and demanding that their concerns be heard are, for the most part, the same hypocritical wanks who were adamant -- adamant, I tell you -- that Congress had absolutely no authority to second-guess the administration on the matter of domestic spying and that presidential power gave Bush all the authority he needed to do whatever he wanted, Congress or no Congress.

So I ask you -- are these people stupid, or do they just have embarrassingly short memories? No, wait ... I don't really want to know after all. Sorry I asked.

, Glenn Greenwald makes much the same point here, albeit far more eloquently.


Zorpheous said...

I think Jeff may very well be the Jeff that hangs around my blog. I guess I tolerate him better than others, and in resent weeks we have come to terms. I'm sorry to see that he still carries on this way at other blogs.

Come on Jeff, straighten up and fly right.

CC said...

For me, it was just the combination of the arrogant stupidity and the annoying number of comments in a short time.

I have a fairly simple philosophy -- if you have that much to say, get your own blog and post to your heart's content.