Sunday, February 19, 2006

More Christian, anti-science stupidity.

Bloody hell, it's like you can't turn around these days without running into another example of the anti-intellectual moronicity that is fundamentalist Christianity, and this one's a beaut. Personally, I really like this bit of indoctrination:

"Who's the only one who's always been there?" [creationist, evangelist and pompous dumbfuck Ken] Ham asked.

"God!" the boys and girls shouted.

"Who's the only one who knows everything?"


"So who should you always trust, God or the scientists?"

The children answered with a thundering: "God!"

Now that's pretty amazing, isn't it? For a guy who undoubtedly accuses the entire scientific community of unthinking, arrogant, closed-minded dogmatism, Ham sure doesn't express any doubt about his position -- a position based on no evidence whatsoever.

That takes some nerve, doesn't it?

: I do realize that this piece is several days old so I'm late coming to this particular party and that others have already been there. Like this guy, who writes:

I wonder if Ham needs to prey on five year olds because middle and high schoolers are just too smart for him?

Actually, that's not it. The purpose of indoctrinating kids to do the dirty work is so that the grownups can stay safely in the background and hope no one will try to correct those kids' thinking because they (the critics) would be accused of beating up on children, or something like that.

Many moons ago, I gave a public presentation on the intellectual bankruptcy of creation science and, after the talk was over and several attendees were milling around the front with me, a man approached, gently but firmly pushing his son (about 10 years old or so) in front of him to get to me.

When they finally reached me, the boy said he had a question about radiocarbon dating. OK, said I, go ahead, knowing full well what was coming. The boy, in a stuttering, halting way that made it clear he really had no idea what he was saying but having been coached to say it anyway, said that he'd heard that radiocarbon dating can be unreliable because when a tree is hit by lightning, that can change the age of the carbon in the wood.

I patiently explained to him that that really didn't discredit the entire field of radiocarbon dating, but I gave his father a suitably dirty look to make it clear I knew what the game was and that I thought he was a total dick, since that was obviously the father's opinion but he was too much of a coward to present it himself and therefore primed his son to do it for him. Fucking pussy.

In any event, that's what's happening here. Those kids are simply memorizing catch phrases to repeat at the earliest opportunity, while the grownups hang out in the background and wait for the first chance to accuse the teachers of treating their precious little ones badly by telling them they're full of shit. Not in so many words, of course.

You have to be a special kind of douchebag to get five-year-olds to fight your battles for you.


Couch Stu said...

I think our new Minister of Public Safety would fit right in there, though I think some of those 5 year olds may have the leg up on him when it comes to critical thinking skills.

Alison said...

You have to be this kind of douchebag.

At the bottom of the last page of the WaPo Creation Tours story that 'the rev' sent you is a link to :

"Educational materials and programs:

You and your students will learn the four killer questions while touring popular museums and zoos, as well as how to master the skill of asking great questions to anyone who doesn’t believe what you do while pointing them towards Christ. School groups and large church groups, SAVE UP TO 20%!

We also offer quality resources fit for the classroom. Our videos are well suited for home schools, private schools and Sunday schools—anywhere Biblically-correct education is needed. To learn more about these exciting materials visit the STORE now.

Alongside our tours and curriculum we offer FREE resources to anyone who is looking for Biblically-correct educational materials! To browse these valuable downloads click here for FREE STUFF!"

Way to go WaPo.
Although they do have a little "Who is blogging this?" box on the page as well and you are at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry about this child abuse. When they reach the age of rebellion, they will realize they have been lied to. These people are a minority and always will be, capitalism could not survive within such an extreme.

Grog said...

Yet, intriguingly, the fundies posit that science engages in exactly the same kind of indoctrination via the school systems.

They self-justify using these tactics by saying to themselves that they are doing the same things that science advocates do.

I think one of the best things that could be done is to introduce into the school curriculum a few courses on Comparative Religion. Bring in the wing-nuts in contrasting pairs for the different religions and watch the fireworks.

That should make it pretty clear to the students just how much "Truth"(tm) any of them are in possession of.