Friday, February 24, 2006

Dear Andrew: Try to keep up.

Boy, you just can't put anything over on Andrew Sullivan, oh no. Andy's shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- by breathtaking, stunning evidence that then-Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld just made up shit about Iraq's involvement in 9/11. Shocked, I say. (Did I mention he was shocked?)

Of course, as Matthew Yglesias points out here, everyone else has known about this for years since everyone else isn't, well, as dense as Andrew.

Coming soon: Andy's heart-pounding scoop on someone named "Monica Lewinsky." Can you stand the suspense?

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The American Anthropologist said...

At the top of Andrew Sullivan's page is an Orwell quote:

"To see what is in front on one's nose is a constant struggle."

Onward with the struggle Andy!