Friday, October 28, 2005

Why you really need to follow the links.

One of the more annoying properties of so many right-wing wanker blogs is that they have this grating tendency to promote their own splashy headline, which doesn't always reflect what they've linked to accurately.

Take, for instance, this short piece over at Instawanker:

LIBBY TO BE CHARGED, BUT NOT ROVE: And for False Statements Act violations, not any underlying misconduct. That's what the New York Times says, anyway. Make of it what you will.

Really? Is that what the New York Times says? Gee, why don't we follow that link and actually read what the New York Times says (emphasis added):

Cheney Aide Appears Likely to Be Indicted; Rove Under Scrutiny...

Karl Rove, President Bush's senior adviser and deputy chief of staff, will not be charged on Friday, but will remain under investigation, people briefed officially about the case said. As a result, they said, the special counsel in the case, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, was likely to extend the term of the federal grand jury beyond its scheduled expiration on Friday...

Among the many unresolved mysteries is whether anyone in addition to Mr. Libby and Mr. Rove might be charged and in particular whether Mr. Fitzgerald would name the source who first provided the identity of a covert C.I.A. officer to Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist. Mr. Novak identified the officer in a column published July 14, 2003...

The apparent delay in a decision about whether to charge Mr. Rove
, and the continuation of the criminal inquiry, is a mixed outcome for the administration. It leaves open the possibility that Mr. Rove, Mr. Bush's closest and most trusted adviser, could avoid indictment altogether, an outcome that would be not just a legal victory but also the best political outcome the White House could hope for under the circumstances.

Yet, in apparently leaving Mr. Rove in legal limbo for now, Mr. Fitzgerald has left him and Mr. Bush to twist in the uncertainty of a case that has delved deep into the innermost workings of the White House and provided Democrats an opportunity to attack the administration's honesty and the way it justified the war to the American people.

No, I don't think Karl is out of the woods yet. And now you see why only total morons get their news from Instawanker.

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