Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sure, but what have you done for me LATELY?

It's always fun to watch high-profile members of the right-wing wankerhood eat their own, as in this delightful piece by conservative, former Supreme Court nominee and certifiable lunatic Robert Bork:

With a single stroke--the nomination of Harriet Miers--the president has damaged the prospects for reform of a left-leaning and imperialistic Supreme Court, ...

Yeah, Bob. That would be the same "left-leaning" court that has seven Republican appointees and only two Democratic appointees.

That would be the same "imperialistic" court that, giving the finger to a history of judicial precedence, decided 5-4 to simply hand the presidency to George W. Dumbass back in 2000. It's funny, Bob ... I don't remember you complaining all that loudly at the time.

Ah, well, this is the Wall Street Journal we're talking about here. Any rag that publishes Peggy Noonan certainly isn't trying to seize the journalistic high ground, is it?

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