Monday, October 31, 2005

Pajama Wankers Watch: Snark looking for a place to happen.

Given the inevitable hilarity that will ensue once Pajama Wankers LLC starts generating actual content (or, as we Canadians like to describe it, "crap"), I took several valuable seconds out of my day and created the blog Pajama Wankers Watch.

However, given that I have enough to do these days, I'd be more than happy to hand over actual writing and snark-generation duties to interested parties. Step right up, no shoving. Line forms on the right.

Oh, man ... you just cannot make this stuff up.


pretty shaved ape said...

pajama panties in a bunch...just stopped by their site and looked at their growing roster of fair and balanced contributors. a fine herd of studs they are assembling. top of the page is pissing in the snow, our very own angry in the great white north! and under his picture, top of the list of accomplishments, winner of several canadian blogging awards! well, well...who'd have thunk that the sda awards would pass for credentials? cc i'd be happy to join a team keeping an eye on this gang of turnip rustlers. cheers.

Anonymous said...

pjmunfiltered is a great idea. How embarrassing for them that a site that is active now is doing the same job as their project....without the 'editorial board'

I think this site needs to be promoted far and wide!

CC said...

My dear shaved ape:

If you email me offline with the relevant info, I can add you as an admin to the new Pajama Wankers Watch site.

And, naturally, it would be nice to get some American volunteers as well.