Monday, October 24, 2005

Hmmmm ... apparently, it's not a "party" anymore.

Well, this is precious -- apparently, the whiz kids over at Little Green Dumbfucks have backed down on their lunatic claims of the Left getting to "party" upon the death of the 2,000th U.S. military person in Iraq.

See, back here, they referred to these events (hideously dishonestly, of course) as "parties."

In the face of mounting criticism and in defiance of, well, anything resembling logic, they stuck to their guns about those gosh-darned "death parties."

A more recent post there, however, has curiously dropped the word "parties" and now uses only the word "events".

And, finally, the word "party" seems to have been banished entirely, as the collective imbecility over at LGF has settled on the catchphrase "grim milestone," for what that's worth.

Perhaps even the dimwits over at LGF can recognize when they've crossed the line. One can only hope.


Jason said...

Wow. You just proved your stupidity and hypocrisy beyond a doubt.

First of all, Charles (LGF's author) used the word "events" in quotes, which indicates it's not his word choice for describing their plans. You yourself have done the exact same thing in refering to his use of the word "parties."

Second, Charles lifted the "grim milestone" phrase directly from media reports about the death toll in Iraq. It has absolutely nothing to do with the American Friends Service Committee's plans.

Don't worry. I don't expect you to retract your statements or - at the very least - to retract them without any sort of childish tantrum and insults.

flootsnoot said...

So, Jinx, you seem to be saying that LGF is OK with the term "party" to refer to the AFSC memorial services upon the death of 2000 USA Force of Occupation Commando Killers (FOCKers).

I hope that all Republicans will come out and "Meet the FOCKers"!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

This will be a very small "party" compared to the wild celebrations worldwide at the executions of traitors Rove, Libby, Cheney and Bush.

CC said...

America's Dumbest Wanker blithered:

Wow. You just proved your stupidity and hypocrisy beyond a doubt.

Wow. Are you ever in for a smackdown.

First of all, Charles (LGF's author) used the word "events" in quotes, which indicates it's not his word choice for describing their plans.

Precisely, you dimwit. It's not his choice of word, it's the choice of word of the people who are actually putting on the events, so one would think their word choice sort of trumps Johnson's.

The fact that Johnson puts the word "event" in quotes means he's well aware that that is the way the AFSC chooses to describe those things, which means he is implicitly admitting that he is (dishonestly) pulling the word "party" out of thin air, and is thus clearly misrepresenting the AFSC.

Does it hurt to be that stupid, or do you just get used to it after a while?

Anonymous said...

I find it curious that an organisation like American Friends Service Commitee - a Quaker Organisation that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 - would hold 'parties' at the death of the 2000th american war dead in Iraq.

I think all it really shows is to what low level the right wing of the republican party is willing to sink. In this I also have to include the whole of the GOP including the White House. Because they have enough bully boys working for them to put a stop to it, but that is not what they want. Smear, denegrate, stop just short of physically attacking anyone that points out at just how disasterous their policies are for the country.

I just listenend to the last press briefing at the White House and it was a very sad affair, how he squirms and repeats at nosium the same tired phrases trying to avoid saying just how unethical and immoral his boss and his cronies are. And things are not going to chance for the next three years. I wonder if we will still be able to proudly proclaim to be a citizen of the USA, sadly to say I have my doubts.

Jason said...

Well, I guess you showed him, CC. Charles is "back" to using the word "party" again:

Leftist Death Party in SF

No doubt he wouldn't have done that had you not exposed him.

And look at all those somber faces:

Pics of the SF "event"

Gosh, were we conservatives ever wrong.