Monday, October 31, 2005

Dear school board members considering Intelligent Design: Some free advice.

As a preamble to the free advice, consider this article in the series currently being published by the York Daily Record on the Dover school board ID lawsuit, and a short excerpt (emphasis added):

Heather Geesey used the word creationism.

“You can teach creationism without its being Christianity,” the Dover Area school board member wrote in a letter to the editor in the June 27, 2004, York Sunday News.

Even though Geesey chose that word, in reference to efforts that month to find a new biology textbook, she testified in U.S. Middle District Court on Friday that her letter wasn’t meant to convey the board was considering teaching creationism.

Rather, Geesey told the court, board members had been talking about intelligent design.

But before Geesey took the stand Friday afternoon, two local newspaper reporters recalled several board members using the word creationism at two June 2004 public meetings.

There's more, of course, and there are many more articles in the Daily Record covering the trial, so here comes the free advice.

If you are a member of a school board somewhere in the United States, and you are considering adding Intelligent Design to the curriculum, what you should do is get a full and unabridged transcript of this lawsuit once it's over. And you should read that transcript in its entirety.

And then you should ask yourself the question: If we were to introduce ID, and inspire a lawsuit, and have to go to court, and have to answer questions under oath, would we sound as unspeakably and indescribably stupid as those people did?

And if you have to answer "yes," then maybe you should just drop the idea and find something else to do. Because, trust me, you will sound that stupid. I guarantee it.

Do you really need the embarrassment?

IF YOU NEED MORE, start here and just follow the links to find a former school board member committing perjury. Which is, depending on your political leanings, either disgustingly unethical or perfectly all right.

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