Friday, October 28, 2005

And so it begins ...

First, it was Harriet Miers, garroted by Commander Chimpy's own right-wing, fundamentalist base for not being enough of a lunatic. And now, we have Scooter, indicted on 5 counts in the Plamegate scandal and resigning because of it. What could be worse?

Quick, Jinx! Over there! People mourning dead soldiers!

It's all a matter of priorities, isn't it?

BY THE WAY ... "Mr. Libby maintains his innocence and we want to emphasize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and we can all agree that everyone is entitled to due process under the law and will all you people just fuck off and leave me alone, you bunch of media vultures?!?!"



Cerberus said...

It has indeed been a bad week for Bush.


Shannon said...

Man. This whole thing just gets worse by the week, doesn't it?

Of course, don't expect the fact that there is evidence deter conservatives from defending him. Libby and Cheney (and our not-so-benevolent dictator, for that matter), are conservatives, and as such can do no wrong.

They're god's chosen people, remember?