Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Corner's Doughy Pantload, snarking waaaaay out of his league.

Hard to believe, but The Corner's Jonah Goldberg, scars still healing from his
savage beatdown from Juan Cole, manages to provoke a slap upside the head from yet another intellectual superior. Goldberg apparently still hasn't figured that that aching sensation in his nether regions is from getting hoofed in the nads repeatedly.

The latest beating (as diplomatic as it is) comes from the aforementioned Robin Wright, of whom Goldberg snidely writes:

On the night after the election Robin Wright seemed to have a different take on the Iraqi election. I guess someone changed her mind...

If you're Goldberg, you're pretty much assured of guessing wrong, as Wright takes the trouble to very politely and courteously point out:

Jonah - Someone forwarded your comments to me. Never hesitate to contact me directly. I'm always grateful for input, including tough criticism...

In the first place, it shows a stunning amount of class for Wright to actually take the time to answer Goldberg's moronic snark. On top of that, she writes:

I suspect the criticism stems from a bit of confusion about the point I was trying to make; I fully accept the blame in perhaps not making it well enough.

That's right, she's graceful enough to apologize for perhaps not being sufficiently precise. And how does Doughy Pantload respond?

By the way, I have to say that I'm impressed by Wright's response, but more by her willingness to respond. The merits of her original story can be debated of course. But I don't see how there's any downside for reporters like Wright to do this sort of thing. It's classy, it's somewhat disarming and it shows she listens to criticism. Oh, and since a couple of you asked, I did ask her if I could post it before I threw it up in the Corner.

Perhaps I missed it, but do you see an actual apology anywhere in there?

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