Monday, February 14, 2005

Oooooh ... that worked out really well, didn't it?

the Washington Post:

When the Bush administration decided to invade Iraq two years ago, it envisioned a quick handover to handpicked allies in a secular government that would be the antithesis of Iran's theocracy -- potentially even a foil to Tehran's regional ambitions.

But, in one of the greatest ironies of the U.S. intervention, Iraqis instead went to the polls and elected a government with a strong religious base -- and very close ties to the Islamic republic next door. It is the last thing the administration expected from its costly Iraq policy -- $300 billion and counting, U.S. and regional analysts say.

Man, that didn't turn out at all well, did it?

Added Rami Khouri, Arab analyst and editor of Beirut's Daily Star: "The idea that the United States would get a quick, stable, prosperous, pro-American and pro-Israel Iraq has not happened. Most of the neoconservative assumptions about what would happen have proven false."

Yeah, and it's not like anyone was suggesting anything that heretical, were they?

The results have long-term implications. For decades, both Republican and Democratic administrations played Baghdad and Tehran off each other to ensure neither became a regional giant threatening or dominant over U.S. allies, notably Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich Gulf sheikdoms.

But now, Cole said, Iraq and Iran are likely to take similar positions on many issues, from oil prices to U.S. policy on Iran. "If the United States had decided three years ago to bomb Iran, it would have produced joy in Baghdad," he added. "Now it might produce strong protests from Baghdad."

Conversely, the Iraqi secular democrats backed most strongly by the Bush administration lost big. During his State of the Union address last year, Bush invited Adnan Pachachi, a longtime Sunni politician and then-president of the Iraqi Governing Council, to sit with first lady Laura Bush. Pachachi's party fared so poorly in the election that it won no seats in the national assembly.

Oh, well. Shit happens. Things will be different in the invasion of Iran. Trust us. You'll see.

(CC News - Mar 8, 2009) In a televised press conference, U.S. president Jeb Bush admitted that his military invasion of Iran to seize its weapons of mass destruction had not gone as well as he had hoped, but he was still optimistic. "Don't worry," said Bush, "I've been assured that our intervention in North Korea will be a cakewalk."


Dizzy Gillespie said...

That's an editorial. Not a factual article, it's all about that guy's opinion.

Why should I listen to him? I've never even heard of him before.

CC said...

From CC:

Jesus Christ, Gillespie, you really are a whiny, pathetic little fuck, aren't you? You've never heard of her? Here, let me help.

So, she's reported from more than 130 countries and is a winner of the U.N. correspondents' Gold Medal for coverage of international affairs.

Your journalistic history, on the other hand, consists of all of one blog article, which is complete rubbish.

When you match Wright's credits, then you'll have the right to blow her off, you little twerp.