Friday, October 01, 2004

A post-debate must-read Bush evisceration

Of course, the left-wing blogosphere (read: that part of the blogosphere that are not total, corporate, lunatic, deluded suckups who think war is great as long as it's everyone else doing the fighting and dying) are raking Bush over the coals for his dismal performance last night. But one of the best autopsies is from William Rivers Pitt over at truthout, and one of the best lines in that piece deserves to be spread far and wide:

This was not a Bush meltdown. It was an exposure.

Exactly. Bush did not melt down; he did not collapse; he did not fall apart. He simply showed the world who and what he really was -- a completely inarticulate, uninformed buffoon that has, for his entire term, been surrounded by sycophants and yes-men, and protected more recently at his campaign appearances from even the slightest whisper of dissent, and who finally had to defend himself. With disastrous consequences.

The right-wing blogosphere is alive this morning with the whines and moans of, "He didn't do very well, he'll have to do better." Get real. He's not going to do any better. This wasn't a George Bush off his game or having a bad day. This was the real George, under the lights, without the questions beforehand, learning the hard way that he can't buy off the critics with a smile and a smirk. Deal with it.

P.S. Pitt also makes a good point. Given how unpleasant this must have been for Admiral BunnyPants, is he even going to show up for any more debates? Or will his handlers invent some whiny, petulant excuse to walk? I don't think that's as far-fetched a scenario as you might imagine. After all, this is the dictatorship that was actually talking about postponing the election because of possible terrorist activity. Blowing off a debate or two is probably no big deal for them.

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