Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry's campaign staff totally lame-o as usual

This AP article describes the current controversy involving the unabashed right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting Group planning to force its affiliates to broadcast an anti-Kerry propaganda film uncomfortably close to the election, and also shows the maddening wimpiness of Kerry's campaign personnel, who have just never figured out how to kick butt.

From the article:

... Sinclair's Hyman said, "The documentary is just a part of a special news event that we're putting together. We've invited one person to be a guest. That's Senator John Kerry." The company posted a note on its Web site Monday afternoon urging people to call Kerry's headquarters to urge his participation.

Chad Clanton, a Kerry campaign spokesman, said, "Everything is on the table but it's hard to take an offer seriously from a group with such a fierce partisan agenda, a group that's clearly not interested in the truth."

Attaboy, Chad, way to lay the wood on. Oh, yawn.

Here's an idea for a Kerry campaign comeback:

"Regarding Sinclair's plan to air its anti-Kerry film and have the Senator on as a special guest afterwards, we think that's an intriguing idea, and we plan on giving it serious consideration. Of course, in the interests of fairness, we're assuming that Sinclair will also be airing Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, and inviting George W. Bush on afterwards to defend his record as well. After all, that would be the fair and balanced thing to do, so we're assuming that Sinclair already has plans underway to do this, right? Right?"

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