Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just when you think you've run out of outrage ...

... just when you think you've seen it all and that, when it comes to sleazy, despicable and felonious behaviour, the Republicans have reached the bottom of the barrel ... well, someone comes along and turns over the barrel.

Check out
this piece posted over at DailyKos, which describes how a Republican-funded company posing as a voter registration firm had been registering voters in Nevada for months, but also behind the scenes simply tearing up and throwing away the Democratic registrations:

The out-of-state firm has been in Las Vegas for the past few months, registering voters. It employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that Voters Outreach of America only wanted Republican registrations.

Two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by Democrats.

Oh, yawn. Why should anyone be surprised anymore? The Republicans simply stole the election in 2000, so there's really no reason for them to think it won't work again. What surprises me is Kos's belief that, "
The firm will be prosecuted, no doubt about that." Funny, but I think there's a great deal of doubt as to whether anyone will see the inside of a courtroom. Experience tells me that, when it comes to committing felonies, the legal system is pretty much for everyone except Republicans. But perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised. Until then, feel free to see how much play this story gets in the mainstream media.

Final note: I'm also a bit surprised that Kos didn't include this statement from the original article:

The company has been largely, if not entirely funded, by the Republican National Committee. Similar complaints have been received in Reno where the registrar has asked the FBI to investigate.

I think that's the kind of information that's sort of useful to know.

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