Saturday, October 30, 2004

It's not Bush's fault. It's NEVER Bush's fault, is it?

John over at AmericaBlog has a nice clip from Wesley Clark on Bill Maher, where Clark explains what it means for a captain to take responsibility, something George Dubya has never, ever, ever done.

"But if he wants to wear the uniform, and take the glory of the men and women who are actually risking their lives in that flight suit, then he ought to understand what the command responsibility of being Commander in Chief is. When you wear that uniform, especially in the United States Navy, it's a one strike and you're out system. If you're the captain of the ship and it runs aground, they don't care whether you were on the bridge, eating lunch, asleep, chopping cedars in Texas, they don't care. You're out! They only ask one question, were you the captain on the day it ran aground? You're out."

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