Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Holy crap! Paul Krugman uses the "L" word!

In this article by the NY Times' Paul Krugman (reproduced over at truthout), we have the jaw-dropping accusation:

Last week President Bush found himself defending his record on national security without his usual protective cocoon of loyalty-tested audiences and cowed reporters. And the sound you heard was the scales' falling from millions of eyes.

Trying to undo the damage, Mr. Bush is now telling those loyalty-tested audiences that Senator John Kerry's use of the phrase "global test" means that he "would give foreign governments veto power over our national security decisions." He's lying, of course, as anyone can confirm by looking at what Mr. Kerry actually said.

Mother of God, Krugman finally let it go and used the "L" word. Bush lied. Not "exaggerated", not "embellished", not "hyped", not "deliberately misled" or "deceived". He lied. Hard to believe that the editors at the world's most overrated newspaper would let this get through, but there it is.

I'll just bet the right-wing attack machine is having kittens at the moment, and gearing up to savage the Times as we speak. There just has to be some fallout from this.

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