Friday, October 01, 2004

Even Business Week lays the smackdown on Bush. Go figure.

Given that George Dubya is essentially the corporate president, it's hard to believe that he takes this kind of beating from Business Week, of all places. But even though the article bitch slaps Dubya up one side and down the other ("fawn-in-the-deerjacker's-light look", "Elmer Befuddled", "sputtering screwup"), it still gives him more credit than he deserves.

Of Dubya, the article says, "
Love him or detest him, he sits at the desk where the buck makes its last stop." Oh, please. With this administration, the buck stops pretty much everywhere but at his desk. This has been the administration of no excuses and everyone else's fault. Remember, this is the president who couldn't think of a single mistake he had made during his term. Well, gee, let me suggest one: getting a Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S." ... and promptly going on a one-month vacation to clear brush. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure that didn't turn out as well as it might have. But with Dubya, it's never his fault.

With Dubya, the buck always stopped on someone else's desk.

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