Sunday, October 31, 2004

Charles Krauthammer -- full of himself yet again

There is, apparently, no possible way that right-wing hack and hatchet man Charles Krauthammer can write about anything without telling everyone dumb enough to read his drivel that he is a doctor. But it is telling that, even when he does that, he has to spin. In writing about spinal cord injuries and paralysis, we have Krauthammer stroking himself with:

As a doctor by training, I've known better than to believe the hype -- and have tried in my own counseling of people with new spinal cord injuries to place the possibility of cure in abeyance.

Of course, someone unfamiliar with Krauthammer might not realize that Charles' medical degree isn't in anything even remotely related to physical injuries or paralysis. No, Charles is a psychiatrist and, from all evidence, a non-practising one at that. But this hasn't stopped him from, over the years, constantly, annoyingly, tediously repeating how he has a medical background and offering unflattering diagnoses of politicians with whom he disagrees.

Charles' ego really does know no bounds:

The President's Council on Bioethics, on which I sit ...

If Krauthammer is such a psychiatry expert, it might do him some good to do a little research on "narcissism". If you catch my drift.

P.S.: If you can stomach it and really want to see just how hacktacular Krauthammer really is, I recommend popping over to Bob Somerby's DailyHowler site, and just doing a search on "Krauthammer". Somerby has done a stellar job of dissecting Krauthammer's numerous medical diagnoses of Democrats. As just a couple of examples, let me recommend this one (toward the bottom, where the official transcript was apparently never posted), followed by this one (where Somerby discusses the fallout of Charles' practising medicine without a clue).

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Claire said...

What a juvenile and shallow personal attack. Most people know that all physicians have a minimum of four years of medical school followed by various periods of specialization, Most of them don't "forget" all the physiology they learn just because they choose a specialty that is not as physically demanding as physiology based care. I'm sure even a hateful person such as you must understand the limitations presented by paralysis when it comes to the practice of medicine. I believe he would certainly have an extra interest in this subject and would trust his assessment before that of John Edwards.