Monday, October 11, 2004

Blogging and dirty words

According to private e-mail from a reader, my occasional use of some of the seven deadly words means that overly-prissy, public access browsers will sometimes refuse to share my radiant wisdom with the teeming masses. Fine. As a solution, I've decided that, when I want to let loose, I will use carefully chosen code words and phrases to get my point across.

As an example, when I want to use the phrase "sleazy, anorexic, racist, intolerant, cross-gender slut and cheap hooker," I will instead write "Ann Coulter".

Rather than describe someone as a "power-hungry, fascistic, egomaniacal, holier-than-thou, vengeful, vindictive asshole," I will simply write "Tom DeLay".

When I'm feeling the overwhelming urge to write "insufferable, full-of-himself, condescending, patronizing prick and complete fuckwad," well, that's the time to instead write "Donald Rumsfeld".

And, finally, when the situation screams to portray someone as a "simpering, simian, pantywaist, pretend-dress-up, coward chickenhawk and world-class anger management failure and jackass," well ... you can take it from there, I'm sure.

The Canadian Cynic. Striving for brevity and moral purity in a world full of Republican assholes.

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