Sunday, November 18, 2018

The continuing collapse of Rebel Media.

It's been almost a year since your humble correspondent documented the sad yet entertaining collapse of Ezra Levant's boutique media outlet, Rebel Media, which behooves us to check in on same and see how much further Canada's "Rebel Commander" has fallen. It is not a pretty sight.

From 16 vacuous yobs as of the end of January of 2018, we are now down to 13:

but that doesn't begin to tell the story.

It's educational to identify the rats that fled the foundering S.S. Rebel -- Tommy Robinson (possibly destined for a UK prison in the near future), Eric Duhaime, Christopher Wilson, Alexander Jones, Mark Latham, John Cardillo, Lucy Brown, and the utterly vacuous Holly Nicholas, replaced by a new assortment of hacks, shills and propagandists. But this is still not the whole story.

As before, it's instructional to look a bit closer to see which of the above 13 can legitimately claim to be producing anything on a regular basis, and the picture is not a healthy one.

Rebeler Rob Shimshock does not seem to be holding up his end productivity-wise, producing only six pieces in the last five months:

Even worse, Rebeler Tanveer Ahmed seems to have gone missing in action sometime last July:

Even superstar acquisition and bankruptcy looking for a place to happen Katie Hopkins seems to have fallen off a cliff sometime last month:

As for new arrivals, well, say hello to smoldering hunk of Alberta manhood Keean Bexte:

whose main claim to fame seems to be the love affair with white nationalism required to hang out at Rebel Media these days:

In any event, once one discards the mostly (if not entirely) unproductive "journalists" at Rebel, what one is left with is, charitably, maybe nine people keeping the lights on. This is quite the comedown from the heady days of Ezra bragging about 50 staff members:

One suspects the Rebel Media Christmas party this year is going to be a quiet affair in a Motel 6 in Oshawa, featuring a pre-packaged tray of cold cuts and cheese cubes from Safeway, and a 24-pack of Dr. Pepper to wash it down.

That's if all nine of those people are still there.

AFTERSNARK: It's hilarious to see newbie Keean Bexte sporting the pompous title of "Calgary Mission Specialist." One is reminded of ...

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