Monday, March 05, 2012

Patrick Ross, and one more sleep.

Yes, it's only one more sleep until malicious defamer and $85,000 (in debt to me) man Patrick Ross is scheduled to appear in a Calgary courtroom to explain himself, and his intransigence, and his dodging and evading, and his ignoring of proper legal service over the last several months, to a judge who will probably have little patience wth Patrick Ross wanting to lecture him on the intricacies of the Canadian legal system, LOL, OMFG, ROTFL!!!! (Inside joke there -- some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.)

This is all going down 10:00 am, Tuesday, March 6, Calgary Court Centre, 601 - 5 Ave SW, so if you're bored and want to see someone possibly make a complete and utter prat of themselves, drop by. I won't be there but, unsurprisingly, I will be represented by competent and able counsel -- something Patrick Ross has apparently never considered, which is probably why he now owes me over $85,000. (Those who understand the meaning of "default judgment" will understand the level of stupidity we're talking about here.)

And for those of you with a legal bent, you can read the appropriate docs here. I would draw your attention to the phrase "SUBSTITUTIONAL SERVICE", which means that Patrick Ross will not be able to claim shocked, wide-eyed ignorance of service as he has done before. (And besides, given how Patrick has publicly bragged about how he's "looking forward" to this, it would be a wee bit difficult to walk that back now.)

So, as I said, one more sleep. Stop back later, I may have updates.

UPDATE 1: It's a bit baffling for Patrick Ross to claim, as he does in the comment linked to above, that he is going to take the opportunity of his March 6 Calgary court appearance to "report a crime." One wonders what he's referring to, and how he plans to do that.

If Patrick thinks he will be given any latitude tomorrow to wax indignant about whatever indignantizes him, he will be one sorry puppy. Tomorrow's court appearance for Patrick will not be a pleasant one. He is being called in to be lectured to. Because he has behaved very badly. And treated the Court with smug and arrogant disdain. And, mostly, because he hasn't done any of what the November 2010 judgment against him ordered him to do. In short, no one is going to be terribly interested in what Patrick Ross has to say. But wait, there's more.

If Patrick Ross thinks he's just going to repeat the same accusations against me that got him in this $85,000 hole he's in, well, that's not only probably a bad idea, but someone should explain to Patrick the concept of "statute of limitations." And if that's not enough, while I am not a lawyer, here's what seems the strangest to me.

Does Patrick really think he's going to report a "crime"? Because my judgment against Patrick is a civil judgment, not criminal. So if Patrick thinks he's going to return the favour by somehow suing me similarly, he should probably be more careful with his terminology. Unless Patrick seriously plans to go to the police station, and have me charged with an actual "crime," at which point even more people will undoubtedly have to explain to him how the law works.

Anyway, one more sleep. If you have the time tomorrow morning, feel free to pop down to the Calgary Courthouse and see what happens. Take notes. And let me know how it turns out.

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