Tuesday, June 22, 2004

No Child's Behind Left Behind: More Republican family values

Another smug, right-wing, conservative radio talk show host gets caught with his hand in ... well, let's not go there, shall we?

Conservative radio talk show host Jon Matthews gets busted for indecency with a child.

More annoying than the hypocrisy is the fact that, although the charge is a third-degree felony with a range of punishment from two to 10 years in prison, we read that:

According to court documents, Matthews is to be placed on deferred adjudication for seven years.

Criminal defendants who successfully complete the terms of deferred adjudication avoid final conviction, but the fact that they were charged remains a part of their record.

So ... he doesn't even get convicted, is that it? Yessir, the GOP -- the law and order party. Does it get any funnier than this?

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