Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Well, this is an interesting development.

I refer, of course, to this. And while I wait for my lawyer to see how I should respond, I will comment on one aspect that should be safe since it's in the public record.

I refer to this claim by Patrick Ross:

This was a judgement which, by the way, I still have yet to ever actually see. Despite the fact that I have asked for it to be shared with me. And at the point this blogpost was written, I had yet to hear so much as a murmur from the plaintiff's counsel regarding this matter. Nor did I hear so much as a murmur from the plaintiff's counsel for months after.

I now refer the reader to Google Docs here, specifically page 15 of that collection of documents, where one can read the affidavit of one Darren Campbell, process server, swearing that he did in fact personally serve one Patrick Ross on April 29, 2011 with a true copy of the original order.

And I will leave it at that for now.

P.S. The Patrick Ross currently painting himself as crushingly depressed, unproductive and emotionally incapacitated for so long is the same Patrick Ross who still managed to drag himself to his computer and maliciously defame me day after day, week after week and month after month. I don't buy this bullshit for a second. And neither should you.

: I feel at liberty to post at least the following. In court, and under oath, Patrick Ross claimed that:

  • He had never received a copy of the original November, 2010 judgment, and

  • He had never received a Statement of Debtor Form to fill out.

In order to demonstrate the falsity of those two claims (again, made under oath in a court of law), I refer the reader to the following set of legal documents, where one can read:

  • With respect to the first claim, I direct the reader to p. 15, an affidavit showing personal service of the judgment on Patrick Ross by one Darren Campbell on April 29, 2011, and

  • on that same page, proof of service of a Statement of Debtor Form by the same server on the same date.

In addition, I draw the reader's attention to pp. 12-13 of the same set of documents, showing e-mail correspondence in which Patrick Ross claims to have already mailed in the same Statement of Debtor Form he now denies ever having received.

Inexplicably, the judge chose to believe Patrick Ross rather than the affidavits supplied by my lawyer, the end result being that things will be delayed slightly but no real harm done.


thwap said...

He seems pretty distraught. Twittering about hockey games and WWE events while continuing to insult his online adversaries in that style we've all come to know and loathe.

Just saying.

If he really needs help he should know that there's more involved than just making a blog post.

Thanks to Tommy Douglas and the CCF, we have such a thing as free public health care. He should avail himself of it.

sassy said...

we have such a thing as free public health care.

Agreed that our health care system is a wonderful thing, but it does not make $85K+ debts go away.

Zorpheous said...

Depression is no laughing matter, having had to deal with myself and my ex-wife. This would explain some of his behaviours, not all, nor does it excuse them.

Clinical Depression is most likely only one of Patrick's metal health issues. I am not a mental health professional so I am not going to speculate or comment further on them.

I hope Patrick gets professional help, because he needs it.

double nickel said...

My bullshit-o-meter nearly went off the scale after reading his post.

Jymn said...

Enough with the suspense. What went down in Calgary this a.m.?

Rev.Paperboy said...

Indeed, did Patsy offer any actual medical evidence in court or is this all just so-called self-diagnosis? and what did the judge make of all this?

Carmichael said...

Conservative judge, huh.Too bad. Well probably inevitable in Alberta.

Wrap up your affairs and be prepared to be shut away for daring to question the right of Conservatives to slander anyone they want to.

liberal supporter said...

Wrap up your affairs and be prepared to be shut away for daring to question the right of Conservatives to slander anyone they want to.
Judge will always give the benefit of doubt to the person who is actually present. If PR says he didn't get the documents, he can get away with it once, but from here on, he can't. It might let him stiff you for some interest, but probably your costs that he has to cover go up.

I am surprised he actually showed though.

Got to hand it to him though, I didn't expect the insanity defense.

Mike said...

Good point, thwap, about how Ross can benefit from the good work of the sort of progressives he loathes.

I can believe Ross has depression problems, but that doesn't excuse him for repeatedly and relentlessly defaming another person. He can both get help for his health problem (if there is one) and own up to the wrong he did.

But those are just the thoughts of someone Ross once dismissed as a "social rodent."

Zorpheous said...

Manic Depressive might explain Paddy-Boy's behaviour in combination with another mental disorder (forget it name). Still doesn't excuse him.

The Judge was exceedingly lenient with him, but I guess keeping him out of jail will work better for you in the end, as it would difficult to collect from someone doing time

Joey Jojo Jr. Shabadoo said...

I don't doubt for a second that "The AlPatRoss" is mentally ill, but should that absolve him of every rotten thing he's ever said or done?

I was suicidal for the better part of a decade, contemplating taking my life daily. The thoughts were incessant, a monkey on my back that I just couldn't shake.

Never did it cause me to go on the web and defame people with the zeal of Rush Limbaugh jonesing for OxyContin. In fact, I withdrew almost completely from society. I sloughed off family, avoided friends and didn't spend one second longer with co-workers than I absolutely had to.

For this nefarious blatherskite to shirk personal responsibility with a dubious self-diagnosis would be laughable, if not for the hundreds of thousands of legitimately mentally ill people who are roundly vilified by CRAParty jerkoffs.

Let The Roast of the AlPatRoss resume!


WhigWag said...

I don't think it's depression he's in the grip off, but rather a personality disorder, likely: Histrionic.



He takes all too much zeal in trying to expose perceived moral lapses in 'lefties' & to proclaim himself the victor in all the stupid public battles he picks, in which he retweets the other person's side to try to attract max. notice.

I seriously doubt clinically depressed people not on medication (acc. to his own account) w/could be so activated night after night.

CK said...

After reading his post, my first impulse was to get a violin and start playing it. But then, I don't own a violin.

Given my line of work (I work with psychologists), I thought his post was actually offensive.

Patsy is incapable of empathy. Why should we empathize with him? Assuming what he says about himself is true, of course.

Usually, those who are suicidal internalize--they don't publish and keep it to themselves, much like commenter Joey Jojo Jr. above, and it is up to others around them, for the most part, hopefully, to catch it before it's too late. Better still, there is professional help implemented or on the way in short order. Those who publish the way Patsy did, are generally looking for attention.

Thwap, Nooooo!!! He should NOT use Tommy Douglas' medicare!! That's a commie, leftie thing as he and his buddies have put it time and again. What were you thinking? No, if Patsy talks the talk, then he should walk the walk and pay for it outta his pocket, n'est-ce pas?

thwap said...

The comparisons to Rush Limbaugh are apt.

What did that putrid piece of filth say when it turned out he was a junkie? "I'm sick! I need help!" He said that after having said drug addicts should be locked up without mercy.

Now we have Patrick Ross blurting out at the last possible second, timed for maximum effect, that he's suicidally depressed. He needs help. He never meant to libel anyone when typed their full name and accused them of heinous, illegal actions on the internet.

Both cases sound like your typical "conservative" refusing to accept the consequences of their actions.

If he's really bipolar, manic, suicidal, I hope he gets help. I really do. I hope he has many years ahead of him. He'll need it to pay his court-ordered $90,000.

Paladiea said...

Now that's just silly. One does not jump from their crushing depression to being like 'lawsuit? wut?'. Clearly this is timed to tug on some heartstrings and perhaps a legal fund.

If I were you I'd demand him get forced psychiatric evaluations if he's going to pull this crap.

Carmichael said...

How many decades have successive Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments reinforced the idea that mental illness can be an exonerating factor in certain crimes?

This inconsequential, insignificant piece of dog shit has found some equally putrescent legal baggage of the Conservative movement to instruct him in how to try and game the Canadian legal system.

Could easily work in Alberta where being inconsequential, insignificant dog shit is a prerequisite for political office.

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