Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The court hereby orders ..."

It has been brought to my attention that malicious defamer and $85,000 (default judgment) man Patrick Ross is currently crowing about how his recent ordered appearance in a Calgary courtroom represents some sort of victory for him.

I am deliberately not going to get into the detail of the resulting order, but I can assure you I'm satisfied with what went down and I'm going to leave it at that for now. When it's safe to tell you more, I'll do just that.

P.S. To no one's surprise, no "crimes" were reported at that hearing. But I figure you'd already guessed that.


KEvron said...

hey, lenny bruce, when ya' gonna get back to tearing the right-o-spere a well deserved new one? i mish that shit.


Carmichael said...

The 45 days are up aren't they?

And, not to be cynical, but will you be going into hiding following the Wild Rose win today?

Carmichael said...

You're never going to bring us up to speed are you.

Or have you been snatched off the street and disappeared?

Holly Stick said...

The Wild Rose win? You appear to be in the wrong universe.

Carmichael said...

Holly, that was posted hours and hours before the Wild Rosy Crucifiction was sent to their humiliation.

You may however be right about my being in the wrong universe.

It would explain a lot.

liberal supporter said...


iz said...

So you think that there's an under the table incident that happened that's why he's not guilty?


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So, the just has reached to a verdict on the subject.

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