Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The hunt for Patrick Ross: Yeah, it's on.

(UPDATE, Saturday, Feb 25: Even though Patrick Ross has publicly announced (probably stupidly, but that's par for the course) that he is "looking forward" to his March 6 court date in Calgary, he appears to think this will be the appropriate venue to "report a crime." If Patrick thinks this required appearance will be the appropriate forum to air a laundry list of old and irrelevant grievances, I suspect he will be sorely disappointed.

Oh, and given that he has now openly and publicly bragged about how much he anticipates this court appearance, if he mysteriously doesn't show, things are going to go very badly for him indeed. If you run into him before March 6, you might want to point that out.

I realize this might be getting repetitive but, as hard as it might be to believe, my lawyers are still looking for malicious defamer Patrick Ross, who by now is into me for over $90,000, and that number continues to climb.

(Aside: Currently, this is the state of things -- Patrick Ross has been told to appear in a Calgary court on Tuesday, March 6. And he apparently has a very bizarre idea of what will happen there, as you can read below.)

Patrick Ross continues to be elusive, apparently simply because he is such a vacuous, unaccomplished nobody that he's never really left his mark anywhere, and probably just drifts from one frat brother's basement to another, slamming back Coors Light and shrieking at the television whenever professional wrestling comes on.

In any event, since all of the sordid details of this case have been covered in earlier posts, I'm going to keep it short, and tell you everything I can about Patrick Ross, and you will in turn drop me an e-mail at canadiancynic@yahoo.ca and tell me where he lives. Yeah, that's how it's going to play out.

So without further ado, what we think we know about Patrick Ross:

And, finally, here's an undated photo of Patrick Ross, accompanied by someone I can only guess is his date:

Getting an actual residence address for Patrick Ross would be splendid, but even if you don't know that, there are a few things that would be useful to know:

  • Is Patrick Ross still a student at the University of Alberta? Have you seen him around there recently? Where? (His Facebook page suggests he goes to the gym regularly. The campus gym?)

  • If he is still a student, what is his field of study? What year is he in? What courses is he taking?

  • Is he a member of any organization that meets on a regular basis at which he can be served legally?

  • Do you know what he does for a living? Does he currently have a job? Where?

I think you get the idea. Even if you can't pinpoint Patrick Ross for us, the more we know about him, the better. And feel free to check back here on a regular basis over the next couple of weeks. As I get more information, I'll post it here to help you along.

P.S. I just got off the phone with a private investigator who's ready and willing to smoke Patrick Ross out of whatever spidey hole he's hiding in. But I figure I'll take a few days and crowdsource this first to see what happens. Don't let me down.

UPPITY DATE: In a recent comment on his own blog, fugitive Patrick Ross seems to suggest he is totally ready for his court date in Calgary on March 6:

However, it's not at all clear he knows what he should be preparing for. Patrick appears to be under the delusion that he will, in some bizarre way, be given free rein to expound on my general badness as a person, or something equally baffling.

This would be a mistake.

As you can probably read from the linked-to legal documents above, Patrick Ross is being ordered to appear because he's been ignoring properly-served legal documents for some months now. And if he thinks this upcoming court date is his opportunity to get up on a soapbox and wax indignant over the way he thinks he's been treated, I suspect he is in for a very unpleasant time. But that's just a guess.

P.P.S. If you know Patrick Ross personally and happen to run into him in the next few days, you should tell him that he really needs to get a lawyer. A good deal of Patrick's current trouble stems from the fact that he believed he could handle all of this on his own (being the self-taught legal beagle that he thinks he is), and we can see just where that got him.

So if you bump into Patrick, for the love of God, advise him that he needs help. In more ways than one.


Paladiea said...

Why not pay a visit to his parents and express in no uncertain conditions that their son will go to jail should he continue to evade the authorities?

CC said...

I'm sure his parents already realize Patrick is in some kind of trouble, they probably just don't understand how much.

As it is, there have been at least two visits by process servers to their residence, which means (as I blogged earlier) that Patrick is sufficiently gutless so as to let his parents suck up the regular harassment of people looking for him. This suggests they're not all that close, so I'd rather not push that avenue any further.

I don't see why an elderly couple should have to suffer for having Patrick Ross as their son.

liberal supporter said...

Obviously, he's essentially a trust fund baby. But it may be unofficial and he just gets wired funds from time to time, or just sends them his bills and they pay direct. He could be under some sort of conservatorship. His actions could well end up being framed as those of someone with mental problems in an attempt to avoid being held responsible. He is certifiable, after all.

With no assets or income he may turn out to be litigation proof.

and of course the word verification phrase is "h6c tellJung"

CC said...

Oh, dear ... if Patrick Ross had a lawyer, I'm fairly sure that lawyer would have advised against posting this. Those last two paragraphs may come back to haunt poor Patrick.

And, yes, I have a screenshot.

Zorpheous said...

Stupidy isn't a crime Patsy, no need to report yourself.

Zorpheous said...

From that comment he left, he still seems to be under the delusion that this court hearing will be two way conversion and that he will have chance to lay his amazing legal smackdown on you.

I guess he doesn't understand that he is hair width away from a stay on pokey.

Damn I wish I could be there on the 6th. Someone please video tape this and post it on Youtube.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Oh great FSM please grant me the virtual popcorn concession at the Calgary courthouse on March 6th.

Holly Stick said...

I'm assuming you keep an eye on this: http://www.kappasig.ca/news

CC said...

The KappaSig link is very old, and I've been informed that Patrick hasn't been a member of that frat for quite some time.

If memory serves, the VP of that frat house told me that Patrick was kicked out, for reasons he chose not to get into, and I didn't care enough to ask.

Holly Stick said...

Yes, well, he has posts there that are two years old. But I wonder if he might still go to any of their events?

Luna said...

I responded. What a doucherocket.

Paladiea said...

5 days. Can't wait. :)

Zorpheous said...

This is definitely better than the time I punk Anologue