Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two douchebags for the price of one.

Blogging Tory "Glendronach" is curiously incoherent:

Grits come clean on buying votes

Give the Alberta Liberals credit for proposing to eliminate the middle man:

The Alberta Liberals want everyone who casts a ballot in a provincial election to get $50.

The proposal is Step 10 in the party’s 12-step program to improve the accountability and effectiveness of government.

The money would come in the form of a tax credit and the aim is to improve voter turnout.

This is not enlightened civics, merely another debasement of the franchise.

It's not quite clear how giving all voters $50 equates to Liberal vote buying, until Blogging Tory co-founder and welfare queen Craig Smith stops by to explain it:

And who benefits the most from a $50 tax credit? The poor – who tend to vote Liberal. It is a blatant attempt to buy votes in the guise of “improving democracy”. Next thing you know they will establish a provincial television station to “protect Albertan culture” that does nothing but spout pro-Liberal propaganda. Liberals are pathetic.

Fucking poor people -- getting all that benefit from tax credits while the rich get squat. There's just something unfair about that, don't you think?

WAIT A MINUTE ... THAT'S BACKWARDS: It just occurred to me that the standard storyline is that giving out tax credits does no good whatsoever for poor people since they weren't going to be paying any tax anyway, so reducing their tax via a tax credit is worthless for them. Isn't that the way it works? Which means that the whining above is particularly idiotic, no?


Anonymous said...

But aren't Liberals rich coffee drinking hippies?

I wish they would get the stories right.....

CC said...

And they all hang out at "galas" if I recall correctly.

MgS said...

The Alberta Con$ have done a lovely job of breeding apathy in Alberta's voters - a tactic that I see Harper trying in Ottawa.

The fact is the left benefits from an engaged and active electorate, the right wing benefits most from voter apathy.

I've found precious few Albertans who actually admit to voting for the current government ... most of them didn't vote - period.

mikmik said...

This place, AB, is fucked up. Unfortunately, even though almost everyone I talk to agrees - they mostly vote PC anyway, contrary to what you find MsG.
In any event, don't the poor folk vote NDP?

M@ said...

So a tax break for the lowest income earners is vote-buying now? Where were these guys when Harper was putting us into a structural deficit with his GST cuts?

double nickel said...

Beer and popcorn?

Metro said...

Anyone remember Ralph Klein's royalty cheques?

Vote for a Conservative failure, get $400, 'ight?