Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Did NOT think that one through, eh, Craig?

Blogging Tory co-founder and whiny, failed bloggy aggregator dude Craig Smith launches into the tedious wingnut refrain of "Why should my tax money go to things I disagree with?"

A perfectly good question, Craig, and while you're bitching, moaning, pissing and kvetching about the few million dollars that that represents, I thought I'd point out that I (and many others, I suspect) are really tired of throwing away billion after billion in the sinkhole that is Afghanistan. Can we maybe complain similarly about that?

I'm just asking.

P.S. As a Canadian taxpayer, I'm also not keen on being buried in a Conservative-produced deficit and watching my government trip over itself to lower corporate taxes even further. Boy, can we have some fun with this game or what?


thwap said...

Yeah, if those scum-bags hadn't told us to suck it up for years and years and years, i'd have some tiny sympathy for them.

As it is, I just want them to shut up.

crf said...

Whoa whoa whoa CC.

Sounds like somebody needs a ten-percenter sent to his household reminding him how great Canada's government has been with managing the finances.

CK said...

crf: You mean, a lot has to with Paul Martin refusing to deregulate our financial industry. Not that a good thing a Liberal did will ever receive credit.