Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When stupid Blogging Tories blog stupidly.

Irredeemable fluffhead JoJo tries to blow off the controversy by asking a question she is too stupid to figure out the answer to first:

How many times will we hear the word ’sexy’ in today’s Question Period?

Anyone taking bets?

Actually, I predict that this one will blow over quickly for several reasons.

First, Steve Janke explains that the word ’sexy’ is often used to refer to an issue that garners media attention. So this ‘revelation’ from a private conversation that a media outlet has somehow come across borders on the obvious.

"Sexy" simply means "an issue that garners media attention?" Really and truly? Cool. So, given the wonder that is the Intertoobz, we can go back and see how many wanks referred to the Canadian SARS outbreak as "sexy." Hmmm ... while there are numerous hits, I don't see an immediate connection, do you? What about "listeria" being "sexy?" Huh ... not a lot there, either.

But let's go with the Premature eJankulator's lameass rationalization, anyway, 'cuz, well, it's convenient. Not even remotely accurate but, by God, it's convenient. And with fluffheads like JoJo, really, that's all that matters.

These are not deep thinkers.

: Is it really worth pointing out that if a Liberal MP had referred to cancer as "sexy," the Canadian Batshit-crazy-o-sphere would have absolutely exploded in anger, blood streaming out of their eyes and ears in uncontrollable, screaming outrage and every single one of them demanding someone's head on a pike at the city gates?

No, it's not worth asking that. It was rhetorical.


Anonymous said...

It's sexy that Canadian soldiers are coming back in body bags from Afghanistan... We need more sexiness

Odd that JoJo refused to let that comment stand over at her pit of dumbassitute...

CC said...

Really? You left that comment and she deleted it? How ... interesting. Because, normally, the residents of Mouthbreather Central like JoJo would be just tickled to let comments like that stand, as proof that all us leftard jerks don't support the military and that we hate soldiers and that we're happy to see them killed and yadda yadda yadda ... you get the idea.

But after a few more seconds of what passes for thought in JoJo's brain, she must have realized that accusing someone of being rude and cruel and inconsiderate for using the word "sexy" was probably not the road she wanted to start down. If you catch my drift.

Jon Pertwee said...

I though the eJankulator had an engineering degree not an english one?

Anonymous said...

cc, we all know that JoJo is selective.
A little like when the Ontario PM is satan incarnate for the deficit that the province has but hmpm harper's is fine...