Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Read. Timely, no? I'd suggest that Kate McMillan post it for her regular readers, but I'm guessing the only reaction would be a really awkward and uncomfortable silence.

And we're not done with this issue yet.


Hello Birdy said...

People on the Left have a pathological fear of firearms. That works out well for the right in America where I think it will eventually come to a shooting civil war.

I don't know if Canadians will follow suit, but then there are a lot of pissed off conservatives who are tired of the progressive experiment that has ruined this country. Probably some rude letters will be sent.

However, the Left will lose, because reality cannot be defeated. The reality is that Socialist lunacy is is a castle built of sand which will "slip into the sea eventually", - Hendrix ... It is always the meek trying live off of the productive. If the host doesn't shed the parasites, it will die, then who will feed you lazy idiots.

Dharma Satya said...

Great article, that.

Hey, CC... Remember when Bush was in power and all those righties kept repeating the mantra:

"If you don't support the President you HATE AMERICA" ... or ... "If you don't like something The President did and you speak out about it... THAT'S TREASON BECAUSE HE'S THE PRESIDENT!!!!" ... or ... "You can't disagree with the President's policies and still be a PATRIOT!"


I wonder where all those screaming, spittle flecked Uber-Patriots are now?

Oh yeah... hating the President.

I'd laugh, but those freaks carry guns and think killin' people who don't agree with you is an honorable passtime.

Sparky said...

Yeah Dharma--read Birdy above
Guns, guns, guns...
And spewing crap about socialism.
The interesting bit, birdy--I know plenty of 'lefties' that own guns and know how to use 'em...
Guns ain't a left/right issue--how you use 'em is.

Ti-Guy said...

I wish non-wingnuts wouldn't use the word "frightening" when describing the deranged, unhinged, violence-obsessed rhetoric of the right. It very much is the reaction they're looking for it and does frighten more people. when in fact they need to feel more secure to be able to say things like this:

Hey, Hello Birdy? Fuck the hell off you LSD-addled trolling lunatic or I'll out you and post your personal and professional information all over the Internet.

...that kind of thing.

psa said...

the amazing disconnect of a right wing troll quoting a hippie icon to try and make a point. and witness the roaring success of the right wing experiment in deregulation of rapacious financial industries, tax cuts for the rich and unbridled capitalism... global financial meltdown. way to go!

the rev. paperboy said...

hello birdy, thanks for dropping by to provide an example of what the linked article talked about.

Remember the outrage during the campaign when Obama made his comment about some people "clinging to guns and religion"?

Yeah, recent events have shown he was waaaay off the mark with that one.

Matt said...

You are the biggest douche I have ever read.
The American left is no different. Movies about Presidential assassination, wishing Limbaugh dead and the head commie president laughing about it, crude rape comments about a right wing politician and her daughters. What are you, 5 years old? The only difference between right and left is the right favours action over words and likes to see results and that, admittedly, is what makes the polarization going on in the U.S. truly scary.
But if you think, my Eastern Liberal pussy friend, that people will, or should, just roll over for the government in the false name of social good, you're an idiot.

Dharma Satya said...



Sparky said...

Wow Matt...
I'll only deal with this bit right now
crude rape comments about a right wing politician and her daughters
I'll guess you're talking about Dave Letterman's joke...
I'll tell you the difference between 'the left' and 'the right'...
Dave's apology last night
No wiggling, no non-apology apology--he stated it was a lame joke...
No "I'm sorry if you misinterpreted it..." or "I'm sorry if you were offended..."
No--it was 'I'm sorry I said it and I take full responsibility for it--it was my mistake...'

When was the last time any of you took that kind of responsibility for anything? I didn't hear Cheney apologize for the WoMD --'we know he has 'em and we know where they are! they're to the north of Iraq...'
Yeah, that went well, didn't it?
Closer to home, I haven't heard our PM take responsibility for anything, or even Lisa Raitt--that non-apology wasn'
t an apology--read above.
As well, I still haven't heard a mea cupa from Patrick regarding any of his flagrant misrepresentations. Or Richard, or neo, or, well, you get the picture.
So don't go yammering here about the left and right being equal...

Matt said...

Ha ha. Very funny. Universal Health care is a joke. The last time my friend took her kid to the doctor, he was out running the emergency ward, so she went there and had to wait 8 hours to see him. I don't have my own physician and couldn't get one if Tommy himself came up here and lobbied on my behalf. Hell, I could whine about it for days if I wanted to but then that would give you nerds something to laugh at, wouldn't it.

Nitangae said...

Better not to talk about movies which you haven't actually seen, Matt. The "movie about assassinating the president" which you refer to was most definitely not advocating assassination. If anything, it was suggesting what a huge disaster for everyone such an assassination would be.

Sparky said...

Don't even start about Canada's health care, jackass.
Anyone living here can see a qualified doctor--no money, no insurance, no nothing.
Wanna talk about people who aren't covered by HMO's or insruance in the US?
Yea, that's what I thought.
I had freinds that were US citizens that couldn't afford it and they have to live with stuff that I can go get fixed without worrying about it.
And the tired story--8 hour wait--wow, nice.
I had a fleck of steel in my eye--went to the emergency room, they took me witin 10 minutes of getting in the door, and got me all fixed up and back out within the hour. No money, no insurance, no nothing.
Yes we have issues--I believe it's because there are those that, like you, don't know any better and try to gerrymander the system to so we Canadians experience the same 'those with' and 'those without' access to proper medical care that the US has.
No thanks.
I'll stay here. In Canada. Where, if my appendix bursts, or I break an arm, or get lupus, or whatever, I'm completely covered, even if I'm not working.

Matt said...

Oh please, sparky, apologies, whatever. Cons are forced to aplogise every other day.
By the way I take exception to any socialist clowns referring to the holocaust museum shooter as right wing. That guy had more in common with you douches than anybody else.
Where was all the media outrage over the recruiting center shooting?
As awful as the abortionist killing and security guard were, why not the same level of coverage over the death of that soldier?
Don't deny that's true or I will know for a fact that you're an idiot.

Boris said...

So Matt, back on topic (if you want to better healthcare, stop voting for politicians who cut its funding, otherwise quityerbitching) the US left has what, a movie (which you completely didn't get) and the odd bad taste comment from an entertainer? This compared to one dead doctor, one dead security guard, and three dead police just in the past weeks alone? Try again trooper.

Matt said...


The only thing stopping Canadian health care from getting any better is people like you. The inane, closeminded belief that any kind of privatisation will hurt people or cause some kind of social imbalance needs to be broken. Rich people travel abroad for good health care anyways. That's the real social imbalance. I want choices too.

Boris said...

That guy had more in common with you douches than anybody else. What exactly did he have in common with us? Are you really sure you want to go there?

Mike said...

"People on the Left have a pathological fear of firearms. "

That right, Bir-brain. We're all scared of them. Yep. Terrified. You just keep telling yourself that if it makes you fell better...

And who the fuck is this Matt idiot?

Matt said...

No, you're right, he doesn't have much in common with you.

Matt said...


What is this, a soccer match? We're keeping tally to see which politically identifiable group suffered the most indignities in the past 8 years? Typical socialist solution; take my money and throw it at the problem. Way to go.
Why do I let you layabouts get me all fired up.

jj said...

"People on the Left have a pathological fear of firearms" ,,,in the hands of right-wing psychos.

There, fixed.

I have 3 firearms in my house right now and I can't say I'm living in a state of pathological fear of them. So be careful with that broad brush.

Anna said...

"wishing Limbaugh dead" - would Limbaugh really die if he pulled his head out of his ass and acted like a decent human?

Oh, and the inane, closeminded belief that any kind of privatisation will help people or cause some kind of social rebalance needs to be broken.

I don't understand why people complain about having to pay to go to the US to skip the queue in Canada, do you think that privatizing healthcare here would stop you from having to pay here? The choice IS available already: take your turn in Canada or go south and pay "Fair Market" Prices.

Sparky said...

Type George W Bush and WoMD, Katrina, and fianncial sector, Matt.
Want to know where we'd be in the realm of finance, security and the rest had SCOTUS not been bought and actually put the winner into pwer in 2000?
A hell of alot better than we are now.
Layabouts? You know that Tommy Douglas was a *gasp* Canadian socialist.

Dharma Satya said...

...and I'd like to mention that I enjoy hunting with rifle, shotgun and compound bow.

I have no fear of firearms in the hands of responsible, sane and knowledgeable people.

...and I'm rather proud of the fact that I've bagged some rather delicious deer and a few not-so-delicious ducks. (I don't eat duck, but everyone else I know does.)

You see, I have no problem with guns. I have a problem with stupid, insane fucks who see guns as a tool to silence or terrorize people.

...but you weren't serious, were you, Birdy? You were being a disingenuous fuck-tard.

Ti-Guy said...

Hey, it's my old friend Matt!

Matt, not everyone here is a socialist. I'm not. I'm just sick of the right wing ignorance and lies and distortions and vicious vilification that are useless and counter-productive as a critique of socialist economics. Too bad you guys hadn't thought about that a few years ago. Now you've managed to polarise opinion so badly that you're getting more socialism than you ever thought you'd see since the New Deal.

AJM said...

Matt, not everyone here is a socialist...

Ah, but see, if you're a certain brand of right-wing, pamphleteering, bubble-brained zealot, everyone to the left of Pinochet is a socialist...

Now, I realize this may be a confusing concept. So let's take a quick quiz:

1. Do you believe there are actually services for which the collective pooling of resources and management thereof by a body directly responsible to an elected government may actually work more in the interests of the public needing those services than might selling off responsibility for these same services to a private operator motivated by profit?

2. Do you believe a nation state might derive some benefit from spending tax dollars on things which are not, in fact, especially useful for blowing shit up?

3. Do you find yourself thinking, now and then: hey, y'know, the regulation of markets probably is necessary, to some degree at least?

... if you have answered yes to any of these questions, congratluations! By the lights of a small coterie of mouth-breathing psychos who really do talk way too much for their own good, and really do have no idea how utterly insane they sound to anyone who's thought about this shit for more than five minutes, you are, in fact, a socialist...

(/Now come 'n get yer card, so's y' kin be a card-carrying socialist, too. All the cool kids have one...)

Matt said...

Sparky spark spark,

Who said I have a hard on for Bush? He was way too left wing and anyways that administration was a pr disaster. Cheney would have been my choice. A true conservative.

How can you be a gun owner and vote left? You're like Syme in 1984. When the Liberals regain their hold on power, we'll be hunting with plastic forks in 50 years.

Matt said...

Oh shit, it's Ti-guy still douching it up with his pals. I'll take your word for it that you're not all a bunch of blinkered commies. Oh, and hi!

Ti-Guy said...

Oh shit, it's Ti-guy still douching it up with his pals.

Now, now. That's not proper language, Matt.

liberal supporter said...

How can you be a gun owner and vote left?
Because I wear ear protection and so haven't damaged my brain.

My personal security is helped far more by a welfare society, where you don't have people rolling you for a slice of bread, and you don't have to step over people dying of diseases in the streets. It's far cheaper than hiring my own security force, carrying arms everywhere I go, and living in a jail of my own making.

You're like Syme in 1984. When the Liberals regain their hold on power, we'll be hunting with plastic forks in 50 years.
Exactly what sort of game do you hunt with a pistol? Which wild animal can only be stopped by fully automatic weapons?

Gun control is just that. Control. Registration of all firearms means if the police go to a home and the system says there are no firearms, then they can safely assume anyone with a firearm has no business being there and they can shoot without having to ask if the person is the owner. A handgun ban means I need not hesitate if I see someone with one, I can call the cops, and be guaranteed not to end up with a new "friend" who wants to take me hunting in the woods and Cheney me. Firearms marking means you can trace it back to where it changed from a legal firearm to an illegal one.

I may be projecting, but it is often true that someone afraid of the government taking away their rifles is paradoxically willing to trust the government to mete out the death penalty without mistakes every time.

Boris said...

How can you be a gun owner and vote left?
Because some of us think there's a great deal more to life than a fixation with steel tubes. And citing Cheney in the same comment you mention guns does not actually support your argument.

Fascinating. On so many levels.

Matt said...

Nice one about Cheney. I guess my belief in personal liberty and my self responsibility far outweighs any faith I have in the goernment and its ability to manage my life or the lives of others. Government is for useless douchebags anyways.