Friday, June 12, 2009

Canada! A world leader in ... oh, fuck it.

The Stephen Harper Party of Canada: Standing up for giving up Canada's leadership role in the world:

Canada to stop producing medical isotopes: Harper

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada plans to leave the production of medical isotopes to other countries — despite the fact that for a time last year, this country was producing nearly all such isotopes in the world.

"Eventually, we anticipate Canada will be out of the business," Harper said Wednesday.

You know, this giving away Canada's role as a world leader is starting to become a really annoying habit for Conservative governments.

AND SO IT BEGINS ... Via commenter SQ, we start to see the effects. The Stephen Harper Party of Canada: Standing up for weepy, incompetent Conservative MPs everywhere.


Southern Quebec said...

The front page story on The Montreal Gazette this morning, is that 12,000 people in Quebec have had medical tests postponed because of the isotope debacle. Thank you Dear Leader!

crf said...

The tories wouldn't mind if their policies helped the PQ. A Canada without Quebec is far more likely to elect Conservative governments.