Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Oh, this is one of my absolute favourites. Listen carefully to the female voice actor, boys and girls -- sound familiar?

Breakfast anyone?
I'm making homemade waffles for baby boy this morning -- aren't I just a fabulous momma?


Reality Bites said...

Yay, I guessed right! Bea Benaderat, best known as Aunt/Cousin Pearl on the Beverly Hillbillies and Kate on Petticoat Junction, a harrowing tale of a town drinking contaminated water.

LuLu said...

She was also the voice of Betty Rubble on The Flintstones.

Stimpson said...

Funny, I can't recall ever seeing this cartoon before. And, as a cat person, I love it.

Frank Frink said...

Rarely broadcast, Stimpson, but an absolute classic. Reminds me of when we had a dog and two cats. Think JJ Hippie can also relate. ;-)

sooey said...

There's no such thing as homemade waffles.


Reality Bites said...

It is quite rare for the cartoon world. So many of us grew up thinking that cats and dogs don't get along because of cartoons, but 9 times out of 10 they get along fine.

I once had a dog who pretty much thought she was a cat because she grew up with one. She walked just like a cat and loved to crawl/slink close to the ground and then pounce. The poor cat didn't realize that puppies grow up into 60 pound puppies long before they mature.