Friday, March 13, 2009

Place your bets, kids.

Now that Canadian citizen Abousfian Abdelrazik has his plane ticket, we are free to start guessing how the Stephen Harper "Black People Creep Us Out" Party of Canada will fuck him over. Any guesses?

How about "We're letting the five-year-long legal process of, um, something take its course." Or maybe "Having fucked around, wasted time, acted like assholes and prorogued Parliament for seven weeks, we're kinda busy dealing with this massive, worldwide economic crisis that not one of us saw coming, even our super-duper, brainy 'economist' Prime Minister."

Really, leave your guesses in the comments section. Bonus points will be given for the most outrageous, demeaning suggestions that turn out to be hilariously but sadly true.

Double bonus points will be given for anyone identifying Blogging Tories who profess to "Stand Up for Canada and Canadians" but who would really prefer to leave Abdelrazik to rot. Naming the blatantly racist blogger known as "Raphael Alexander" doesn't count. That's too easy. No degree of difficulty.

P.S. If Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff doesn't have the compassion to at least mention this briefly during Question Period in the near future, someone should just kick him in the nads. Hard. Possibly more than once.

P.P.S. Actually, someone should just kick him in the nads, anyway.


LuLu said...

I wonder if I can wear my boots in jail? And don't bother checking the list, cuz I'm not on it.

Not only does Project Fly Home respect the law, they respect requests for anonymity.

Niles said...

I expect they'll say he needs to re-apply for his passport and shots. Which will cost more money. Insta-limbo while they wait to see if anyone ponies up for him on new costs and maybe a lawyer.