Thursday, March 05, 2009

Clueless, Wendy. Wendy, clueless.

Shorter Wendy "Squueeeeeeeeeeee!1!!11! Mark Steyn!!!!11!111!!" Sullivan: I wonder if the global economic meltdown can somehow be blamed on women in the workplace? I'd give that some more thought but I'm super busy at work right now.

Yes, the cognitive dissonance truly is breathtaking.


CC said...

Sullivan ... Sullivan ... oh, right ... that Wendy Sullivan -- the one who was down on her luck and begging for charity.

Yeah, I'd feel better if she wasn't allowed anywhere near the workplace. For everyone's sake.

mikmik said...

Take women out of the workplace to improve the economy
My nuts are constricting.

Is global warming “on hold”?
My nuts are constricting, more.

Israeli Apartheid - it isn’t about Antisemitism, dammit!

She is a wrench. Everytime I think of her, my nuts get tightened up.

KEvron said...

"Women also have an important role to play in jobs that are too demeaning for men, like teaching."

i.... that's just.... you don't....



Ti-Guy said...

Does that fat slattern think removing women from the workplace would provide better opportunities for her to snag a man?

wv: tardkkno

Red Tory said...

CC — Speaking personally, it's somewhat unfortunate that the notion of respectfully asking for modest contributions has been sorely degraded by the likes of Shaidle, Sullivan, Levant, et. al. for their selfish whims and ridiculous crusades to the point where it's beyond humiliating...

Now, even suggesting that the time spent blogging may have some marginal value has been utterly blown away — it's putting out the "begging bowl" and grovelling for charity, etc.

I guess blogging has become the bailiwick of comfortably numb elitists and smug dilettantes.

the rev. paperboy said...

Wendy's working again? Did she go back to getting paid for being a dominatrix?

You only wish I was kidding.

the rev. paperboy said...


Frank Frink said...

Heheheheh. Thanks, Rev.! Suspected as much but was not about to go looking for confirmation. ;-)

wv = "filise", which just might be Wendy's... erm... professional moniker.