Sunday, March 01, 2009

Apparently, principles are a context thing.

Shorter Blogging Tory "Paul": "Not long ago, I was absolutely infuriated by self-serving, political dishonesty. Today, eh, not so much."

AFTERSNARK: Notice carefully how Paul so utterly predictably moves the goalposts when he quotes "Gateway Pundit":

The radical left is attacking Bobby Jindal over his story regarding Hurricane Katrina and Sheriff Harry Lee.

The people from Louisiana has heard this story a million times.

The key point to be killed is the radical Left, with Keith Olbermann, claims the story is false because Jindal was not on the ground in New Orleans during the Katrina mess.
** NOT TRUE **
In fact, Jindal was the *only* elected official who was on the ground.

But the majority of us over here on "the radical left" aren't attacking Jindal's claim about being "on the ground." Rather, we are quite clearly and explicitly laughing at his now thoroughly-debunked fable regarding Sheriff Harry Lee and boats -- a fable which even the Jindal camp has admitted was fabricated:

... Jindal's staff now admits that that actually didn't happen. Instead of being there and being part of the story, Jindal's reps now admit that days later Jindal overheard Lee telling the story to someone else. And Jindal retold the story he'd been told while inserting himself into it as part of the story.

Not surprisingly, though, rather than admit that all those radical lefties are correct, Paul simply redefines the claim to make it, technically, accurate: "He was so there! Um ... you know, 'on the ground.' He was! He was! He really was!"

And if he was, well, good for him, Paul, but that's not what we were arguing about, was it? Feel free to rejoin the discussion when you're ready to debate like a grown-up, m'kay?

And that is why we mock them.


sooey said...

Ideologically dependent principles are the worst.

Romantic Heretic said...

What the fuck is 'labority'?

Ti-Guy said...

What the fuck is 'labority'?

It's the 80% alcohol by volume version of laboratory

Romantic Heretic said...


The experiment was not a success then.

No matter how hard they try Artificial Intelligence looks artificial.

The Seer said...

Not so fast, CC.

It is by no means clear that the claim that Brother Bobby was "on the ground" during "the Katrina mess," or at least during the part of "the Katrina mess" when the Honorable Sheriff was rescuing people from rooftops in uninsured and unlicensed boats, is "well grounded" in fact.

I would inquire of Brother Tory Paul about the basis for his assertion that Brother Bobby was well grounded in New Orleans during Katrina but I cannot figure out how to make the comments on his site work. This raises the unfortunate possibility that neither Brother Tory Paul nor Brother Bobby are well grounded in the facts department.