Sunday, March 08, 2009

And this is why we mock them -- because they're idiots.

Remember the Richard Lenski affair? Sure you do, when the absolutely funniest, falling down, pants-pissingest part was Lenski's savage takedown of Andrew Schlafly thusly:

First, it seems that reading might not be your strongest suit given your initial letter, which showed that you had not read our paper, and given subsequent conversations with your followers, in which you wrote that you still had not bothered to read our paper. You wrote: “I did skim Lenski’s paper …” If you have not even read the original paper, how do you have any basis of understanding from which to question, much less criticize, the data that are presented therein?

You know where this is going, don't you? Yes, yes, you do, whereupon Justin "Raging Wanker" Hoffer, given that very link so he can see how evolution works in the laboratory, hilariously responds thusly (emphasis leg-humpingly added):

As for the link with the experimental evidence, I'd have to read the paper itself, but at first glace [sic] appears to be proof of adaptation, not evolution. I'd have to read the paper itself, and I'll do that. Regardless, it is unlikely to change my view that under certain circumstances, evolution was guided by G-d.

Shorter Young Angry Raging Wanker: "I haven't read the evidence I've been shriekingly demanding of you, but I want to assure you all that I will almost certainly dismiss it once I do."

And that is why we mock you, Justin -- because you are a waste of intellectual effort. I just had no idea you were going to prove it so obviously and deliciously.


Mentarch said...

... and so it goes with primitive minds ...


Kelseigh said...

He reminds me strangely of that guy at The Politic (was it Matt?) who'd demand evidence, then ignore it and come back a couple of weeks later, demanding evidence all over again.

CC said...

My dear Kelseigh:


(Musically speaking.)