Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American humour, as it were.

I'd take offense if it wasn't depressingly accurate.


Mike said...

You know what...I grew up in "Sarnia Lambton" (the Lambton part, out in the country...damn city slickers). And it is accurate. None of those businesses are there anymore. And there are TWO bridges now. And Imperial Oil! And the Blob...don't forget the blob of hydrocarbons that seemed into the River 20 years ago...its probably still there, waiting to become sentient.

Of course, the RiverPort Tavern is a fine destination....

Naw, stay home.

(in fairness the beach at Canatara Park is like a slice of California...still go to Grand Bend).

The Seer said...

The first fully air conditioned hospital in Michigan was St. Mary's on the south side of Port Huron. St. Mary's windows never lasted long. They developed pits in the glass and the metal housings. Also had pits on the siding. (The wind blows from the east roughly three days a month.) I'd ate to live west of Sarnia.

David said...

In fairness to Sarnia (where I have spent way too much time), the waterfront has been revitalized, and having chips under the bridge should not be missed. Especially during the Mackinac boat race. Or by people who like fish and chips.

As for Grand Bend, ptui. Go to the western-most beach at Canatara or Port Stanley.

And as for Mike's opinion, are you really going to trust a guy from Courtwright Line?