Friday, November 28, 2008

What Adam Radwanski said.

Some fine writing from Mr. Radwanski:

It takes a special kind of immaturity to look at an economic crisis - one that has people worried about their jobs and their homes and their life savings - and consider only how it might be turned to your advantage. But then, for all his ideological roots, Harper has demonsrated time and again that nothing interests him so much as cementing his hold on power. He may have evolved in terms of openness to pragmatic policies when they suit his political interests. But this is a leader who very clearly sees politics as a game, and who sees government - rather than what you do with it - as the ultimate victory.

No. Fucking. Shit.

The irony, of course, is that it wasn't that long ago when Stephen Harper's Brownshirt Youth were yammering on about how the only thing the Liberals cared about was hanging on to power, for whatever reason and at whatever cost.

How times have changed.

Now we have Canada's answer to international fascism, Stephen Harper, proving that, like his right-wing idol George W. Bush before him, Stephen has no interest whatsoever in policy of any kind, and it's all about the power. And nothing else. Sound familiar? Oh, look:

With this new power, Hitler banned other parties, declared the Nazi party the only legal party of the state, consolidated power in Berlin between January – February 1934, ended autonomy of local governments and officials, abolished local governments and abolished the upper and lower house of parliament. Democracy was now dead and Germany was ruled by a one-party state.

And, yes, we have just taken the first step down that road.

Heil Harper.


Canadian Hegemon said...

There have been many indications of the harper-cons moving this direction for some time. I believe Margaret Atwood wrote a article or two exposing some more similarities to rising dictatorships prior to our last election.

Hopefully more Canadians start to see what is happening here.

roblaw said...

..uh.. the desperation emanating from the Libs and NDP is becoming palpable..

Odd.. but in nother blog some Liberal fuck was suggesting that Conservatives don't need the election funding because their supporters are willing to pay to "take power".. while Liberals give their money to the poor..

Reality.. studies have in fact shown, at least in the U.S., that the greatest contributors to charity are in fact conservatives, by almost 30%..

..hence the aphorism, that Liberals love to give to the needy, as long as it's from someone else's wallet.

And.. here we are.. with the Libs and the NDP proving that right again.. you can say what you want about Harper's plan to use the economic "crisis" to his political advantage (now say Adscam 10 times fast).. but, there is no problem with the current cuts being put forward WITH THE EXCEPTION that it's cutting funding for the Libs and NDPs.. ..oh, and also to the Conservatives.. btw.. but then they're willing to pay their own way, thank-you.

So.. when and if the Libs and Dippers stand up and say, "no", forcing an election.. the bottom line is they will say to the tax-payers, "we know the cuts didn't affect YOU, and we know YOU can't afford another election.. but this isn't good for US.. and that's all that matters..

We'll see how the public judges that. Indeed.

Mike said...

Roblaw, I am neither a liberal nor a dipper. In fact, I am a libertarian - a market anarchist to be exact. I believe there should be no government or state at all.

But this kind of manipulation is obvious and a naked grab for power. Notice he isn't getting rid of the tax credit, which subsidizes about 75% of the CPC war chest. Indeed, this is one of the reasons I am a libertarian.

CC is not being hyperbolic. Have your read Umberto Eco's essay on Ur Fascism?

this move is anti-democratic, and is a stinking partisan move at a time when the parties should be putting aside their differences to help the country.

I say we start buying guns and ammo and preparing.

roblaw said...

You read my mind.. see my post regarding CC's last blog..

dys said...

thank you for actually making that comparison.
i didn't have the balls to say it myself, so much as hint at it.

it's disturbing and anyone with an awareness of history should be alarmed!