Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks for coming, Stephen.

We appreciate everything you've done for the party. No, really.

This is so not workplace safe:


LuLu said...


Oh my God, I almost choked on my coffee ... this is delicious.

Holly Stick said...

That episode in the movie was interesting because it fed into the myth the movie was pushing, of one demonic man being in control. I read somewhere that what actually happened was that Capone led a mob of his men in beating two of their fellows to death for some reason.

The other historical fact I found after seeing that movie was that the real Frank Nitty was not thrown off a roof, but was one of two men who took over running the mob after Capone went to jail.

So the mob was not really one man's domain; it acted as a group and had continuity. Too bad for Harper that he confused myth with reality.