Sunday, November 30, 2008

In twenty words or less ...

Shorter idiot Conservatives: "In this time of economic uncertainly and financial crisis, it's critically important that the Canadian people support this government, at least long enough so that we can, in a fit of vindictive pique and crass political opportunism, prorogue Parliament and shut down the entire governing process, hanging everyone out to dry."

Did I get that about right? Yeah, I think I got that about right.

: Stay tuned as numerous members of the Harper Youth praise the notion of proroguing Parliament as "leadership" and "standing up for Canada." Because they really are that unspeakably fucking retarded.


thwap said...

You'd think they'd get whiplash from their gigantic hypocrisy.

Phyl said...

Hey, they would be doing a great thing for Canada. We'd have another whole month of the Cons not ramming through any more antidemocratic legislation!


But seriously, it would be such clear cowardice that the mind boggles.

Stand up and take your medicine like a man, Stevie-boy! You guys are the ones who are always shrieking about consquences of one's actions and taking responsibility, yes??