Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How very Hunteresque of him.

In the face of a number of commenters who coolly and civilly pointed out his overwhelming, sanctimonious hypocrisy regarding welfare recipients (who are apparently lazy, parasitic douchebags unless they're conservatives, whereupon they're hard-working citizens who have just had a bad break and deserve whatever help society can provide them), Blogging Tory and free speech warrior Jordan Alcock:

  • deleted all of the existing comments on that latest post,

  • disabled any new comments, and

  • moved his blog.

I'm guessing that, if I hadn't linked to his new blog, you could have found it simply by following the trail of urine.

OH, WAIT, I TAKE IT BACK. Apparently, the comments are alive and well over at Jordan's new place. Feel free to stop by and (politely, of course) point out Jordan's screeching hypocrisy. That, and the fact that he is apparently incapable of engaging anyone intellectually and addressing the issue at hand. That, too.


Anarchore said...

I left a comment, but the humbled welfare bum deleted it, hmmm... I guess you are right about being unable to engage intellectually, perhaps watching his family suffer in hunger will help clear his head, but then he might not be a BT...

Here it is:

The pigs force us to pay for our own oppression, then when their monopoly economic system finally breaks us down we are forced to beg
to them for survival. The rent/usury and monopoly capitalist system is evil and it must go! Masonic/Zionists are the cause of Canada's misery. Will you recognize the enemy? Harper has just announced hundreds of billions more for the military, above and beyond the Afghanistan deployment. How do you feel knowing that the money that could have fed your child, and provide children (and adults) who are nutritionally compromised across Canada with proper food, is being spent on Zionist wars, and 'security'? They are going to starve us, and use our money to buy mercenaries to protect themselves from us.

Genocide is in high gear, and thanks to all the Tories and Zionists who helped bring about the genocide of over a million Iraqis. Soon it will be your turn, as you sow, so shall you reap unless you wakeup, soon to the sinister forces that still have you in their thrall. You 'political bloggers' cannot see the forest because you're looking close at bugs in one tree.

Anarchore said...
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Anarchore said...

Speaking of the Blogging Tories, I see that the central Blogging Tory politburu site just gives them a link list of all the other crappy Tory blogs.

I knew they all linked to each other, but I didn't realize how. A ready-made army, mostly highly uneducated and highly opinionated, incapable of independent thought, all skumming away at the surface. Scary.

I hadn't realized that when I blogged the following WRT the pirannah-fest of these scum-suckers on Lesley Hughes for writing truthful, but politically incorrect and effectively censored information about 9/11:


Jonathan Kay said it was a great week for the Canadian blogosphere.