Saturday, November 29, 2008

How stupid? Tom Lukiwski stupid, that's how stupid.

Gaze in stunned amazement at one of the dumbest human beings on the planet:

"Seventy-five percent of the people in Canada said that they didn't want a Liberal government," says Lukiwski, "Eighty percent of the people said they didn't want an NDP government, 90 percent of the people said they didn't want a Bloc government.

No, Tom, you imbecile, that's wrong, and for a painfully simple reason. Our current "first past the post" (FPTP) system allows voters only to identify their first choice, and nothing more. It does not allow us to conclude anything whatsoever as to what that voter might think of the remaining choices on the ballot.

Ergo, therefore and to wit, to observe that the Liberals got 26.2% of the popular vote and to then conclude, as Lukiwski does, that "Seventy-five percent of the people in Canada said that they didn't want a Liberal government" is jaw-dropping ignorance at its finest. One has no idea what those other 73.8% thought of the Liberals, simply because our current electoral system doesn't give them the opportunity to say.

Fuck you, Tom, you worthless, lying toad. Where are the re-education camps when you truly need them?

P.S. Is it even worth asking how many Harper Youth are going to be all over this "logic" like "Neo Conservative" on a police report?


Stimpson said...

It's sad what Sask voters are sending to Parliament these days.

Metro said...

Even if what he says is true, the one thing we do know is that by the same token, 64 percent of Canadians wanted a government other than the Tories.

Dontcha just love democracy in action?

MgS said...

Tom, you worthless, lying toad

Toads are not generally considered to be capable of lying - they aren't that bright.

Filcher said...

Two points for any righties reading this (three points if you can count)
1/ IIRC 62% of canadians didn't want a Conservative government.
2/ These figures are only based on those that voted in the election, and are not actually systemic for all Canadians as there could be reasons why certain political demographics could be skewed.
3/ We can now see the Conservative strategy is to force a new election with the opposition parties being shown as the self obssessed wastrels in a economic downturn. Basing a nonconfidence vote on this issue, the support of oppossition parties by the taxpayer, will sway any new election in Harper's favor, considering the leadership woes of the Liberals and the propaganda arm of [strikeout] the GOP [/strikeout], I mean the CPOC.

Southern Quebec said...

Using his logic, 98% of Canadians said no to Lukiwski...

sooey said...

Maybe when he comes out of the closet he won't be such an idiot.

liberal supporter said...

He sounds like a wife beater who doesn't know how to react when the wife finally has enough and starts fighting back.

"But this sneering and belittling has always worked"

Phyl said...

My view of a possible coalition is that this would be a government 62-64% of Canadians did vote for. All of us would be represented!

This could be one of the few times in history that the majority of Canadians did in fact get a government they all voted for.