Friday, November 28, 2008

How ... odd.

Isn't it curious how the ignorant, dumbfuck Blogging Tories who are so keen on the latest exercise in Stephen Harper fascism are the very ones who are always yapping on about "limited government" and yet have no problem whatsoever with Stephen Harper's monstrously-expanded cabinet and the extra expense that goes with it.

Your brownshirt Harper Youth at work.

P.S. "Blogging Harper Youth." Yeah, I like that. Feel free to use it.

1 comment:

roblaw said... me (I know, your readers love that line).. there are many small "c" conservatives who are very concerned that Harper is doing what politicians do.. try to appease the broadest base possible, without regard to principal.. including a massive civil service..

..I've made the statement before.. even though I didn't agree with Dion, at least he took a position and went with it, probably knowing he was going to get pasted..

Would be nice to see a few more politicians standing for something, anything..