Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attention Liberals

Dear Liberal Party of Canada,

I'm sitting here looking over the meagre offerings you've presented for the leadership of your sad and failing party. Essentially it comes down to a race between Count Iggy and Bob (please don't hate me any more Ontario) Rae with some other son of a Governor General providing relief. I'm sorry but since it seems that Leblanc is hell's snowball in this contest, I'm supposed to think that either Rae or Ignatieff are serviceable choices to oppose Fat Steve and the CRAPs. Well forgive me for being blunt but fuck off, you monumental losers. In this day and age we have seen the power of the politics of personality come to the fore. I might not approve of such a development but I do understand that one can't push a river back uphill.

So here we are with the Liberal frontrunners being a man whose name is synonymous with failed leadership. A man who is roundly detested and distrusted throughout much of the country's largest province and pointed out as the posterboy for fail from sea to sea, versus a guy who is the very picture of the academic elitist. A man whose entire career took place elsewhere, whose every success was out of country and who did not return to Canada until his naked ambition made the possibility of adding Prime Minister to his CV resonate in his grubby little soul. Ignatieff has all the charisma of Bob Stanfield and Rae has less chin than Joe Clark, how are either of these two goofs supposed to re-invigorate a party that is doing a slow motion Brian Mulroney/Kim Campbell dive into the pits of obscurity?

Ignatieff can try and paint his apologia about his being utterly, dismally wrong about Iraq as some kind of humanitarian lapse but the fact remains, had he been at the helm, we'd have been burying Canadian forces flown home from George Bush's murderous fraud in the sand. That is not judgement I trust. And Bob Rae is still trying to get past his past. Sure he was handed a plate of shit at the all feces buffet when he took the reigns in Ontario but he floundered and wallowed and lost the faith of business, labour and the general public in record time. He toasted that shit with laxatives and it is not forgotten. His legacy will haunt the NDP in this province for the foreseeable future. Canada will not rally behind either of these men. I will not rally behind either of these men. They do not present any sort of positive alternative to the CRAP Prime Minister we have now. Jeezis, I'd vote for that puffed up, ego masturbating clown Jack Layton before I'd ink a ballot for these Liberal prospects.

Here's the deal Liberals, you are in the midst of a Thelma and Louise dash to hit the lip of the cliff and there's not much anyone can do about it so just get it over with. Roll the hell over and die already. In the mean time, I'm going to say my prayers that out of the ashes of your blazing stupidity some hope might arise, phoenix like, to cleanse the last of the bad taste of this political silly season from our mouthes. I fully expect to see the grand old Liberal Party of Canada crash and burn and when that comes to pass, it is high time that a new party be born. A coalition of centre left progressive interests that unites the Bloc with the remnants of the Liberals, Greens and those Dippers that don't see an improved 4th place as a victory. I'd like to celebrate the birth of the Bloc Canada, led by the likes of Gilles Duceppe and Charlie Angus and I'd like to raise a glass to them when they unseat the inevitable and disastrous, first and only Harper majority, brought to you by today's failing Liberals.


CanuckRover said...

Well, looks like Flaherty is poised to make it official,
The Liberals have already lost.

Ti-Guy said...

Nice rant, Cassandra.

Seriously, you seem to be waiting around for someone to lead you out of the wilderness. Well, it just doesn't work that way. If you don't want become a partisan activist, then don't worry about it. Enjoy the ride.

I don't why you bother; You didn't even take your last vote seriously and a Conservative squeaked by in our riding, winning by 339 votes and defeating a decent Liberal MP.

roblaw said...

..don't sell Ignatieff short.. it pisses me off that he has been camped outside of our fair country for, oh, half my life.. but if you read some of his writings, he has a grasp of the "real" that many other politicos don't.

Re: Iraq.. his attitude clearly was that we couldn't sit back and watch the genocide of the Curds.. much as Bush fucked up then and since.. there is a time to stand up and say, "no"..
it's an over-used cliche perhaps, but if we'd taken the Nazi's more seriously, there might be millions of lives we could have saved, rather than trying to "deal" with them initially as Chaimberlan did.. just a thought.. sometimes, bastards need violence to stop violence.

I'm a conservative. But, I voted for John Turner once, voted for Chretien once.. and there are some of us who could vote Liberal again.. if it happens, it will be Ignatieff eons before it's Rae.

CanuckRover said...

He's against the genocide of the curds? Well there goes my vote. I won't hesitate to base my vote on my love for poutine.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Pearce Richards said...

Regarding writing off Iggy re: his stance on Iraq:

Harper pulled a "my bad" on Iraq (in the debate no less) and Canada forgave him for it. I'm not so sure they will then be able to turn around and paint Ignatieff as a bad guy for doing just that.

I agree, both hard sells... But once upon a time, nobody thought Harper would be PM.

Metro said...

I'm with you, Cassandra. This country does fairly well with genuine personalities at the helm--witness the buoyant economy of the Chretien years, and the emergence of the Canadian identity under Trudeau.

Correlation is not causation, but it'd be nice to have a leader who deasn't need a name tag to tell him apart from the flagpole when he's giving a speech.

Harper pulled out all the stops last time and barely retained control. All the Liberal Party needs is someone with a decent profile who's a little nuts. Layton is a sychophant and panderer, but he's got more presence than Mr. Bluesweater. Maybe someone could get a smidge of his DNA, and splice it with, say, Lee Aaron's? ... Just a thought.

But the Bloc Canada? Jeeezus ... I hate to love it. That probably means it's a guaranteed winner.

And it would sure fix the whole separatist issue, eh? I mean, "Non?"

Gabe said...

@Pearce: Yes, but then again nobody though that the Liberals were involved in Adscam, and that people would boot them out of office for it.

Remember people, we don't vote parties IN, we vote governments OUT.

And as for the Liberal candidates, it's "eh" meets "meh." Neither really interests me at all. I'm with you, PSA, in getting a new true progressive party instituted. We just gotta wait for the crash-n-burn.

Ti-Guy said...

Harper pulled a "my bad" on Iraq (in the debate no less) and Canada forgave him for it.

You mean our media forgave him for that. As well, Harper has lucked out by having an electorate that's too distracted to remember what happened last week.

I never have forgiven him, and no Canadian I know has. And as long as the war criminals involved in that ongoing fiasco escape justice, I never will.

I won't forgive Ignatieff either, but he was sitting in his ivory tower at Harvard at the time, speaking to his "fellow Americans." I'm more understanding of intellectual delusion, a state which is near constant for academics, especially celebrity ones like Iggy, than I am of that conspiracy of lies Harper was knowingly part of.

Besides, two minorities, the last one built on the strength of commanding 22% of the illegible electorate in an election we weren't even supposed to have? I don't think that says anything much about what Canadians have forgiven Harper for.

thwap said...

Amen psa,

May the detestable Liberal Party die and force Canadians to make a clear choice.

Rather than a stupid, milquetoast choice.

wvthing: "pasemin"

Stimpson said...

Let's see ...
Lord Iggy the elitist cheerleader for U.S. imperialism likely will become the next Liberal leader.
He almost won the leadership last time, when Libs were choosing someone to replace a corporate lawyer who replaced a corporate lawyer.
The Libs are a party of the business class. They're not progressive. You progressives who support it are kidding yourselves.

roblaw said...

Metro said...
All the Liberal Party needs is someone with a decent profile who's a little nuts. Layton is a sychophant and panderer, but he's got more presence than Mr. Bluesweater. Maybe someone could get a smidge of his DNA, and splice it with, say, Lee Aaron's? ... Just a thought.

Lee Aaron.. the heavy metal queen? Uh, yeah.. and maybe a little bit of Nick Gilder.. haahahahhhahahahahahahahahhahaha...