Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And suddenly ...

... wizened little dicks could be heard shrivelling up in fear all over the world. Elsewhere, altar boys were breathing a sigh of relief and putting the KY Jelly back in their parents' medicine cabinets.


Ti-Guy said...

From the WSJ link:

"One of the central pieces of evidence in the case is a 1962 memo, issued by the Vatican and disclosed by reporters in 2003, which directs Catholic bishops to keep silent about claims of sex abuse. The document was approved by Pope John the 23rd."

That memo is called Crimen Sollicitiationes.

I hope they end up having to sell off St. Peter's.

Sheena said...

I get dibs on Nero's bathtub.

FCS! WV = gespope

deBeauxOs said...

Noooooo! John the 23rd? Really? The only Pope that I ever thought could have redeemed the centuries of hypocrisy turns out to be just like the others.

Burn the Vatican down to the ground. Burn it all, I say.