Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yes, you owe me --- and now I'm collecting.

Over the years, I've given you thousands of blog posts free of charge, and now it's time to pay the freakin' piper. As much as I really don't care for online blogger award contests, I want you all to take a minute out of your sad, masturbation-filled lives and go here, and vote for "The Galloping Beaver," for no other reason than they deserve to win. Or at the very least, come second.

Just this one time, don't argue with me. We'll both be happier for it.


Sheena said...

Did you vote for Raymi while you were over there? I bet you did.

mikmik said...

I am on my way, sir! But I detect and secondary insinuation perhaps?

Shaet, even that means two things, lmao, Who should be first, and who second?

Anything with the word Canada in it gets my first notice and bias.

Dr.Dawg said...

Done. But a nomination would have been nice. *sniff*

Dave said...

Why thank you, CC! I know how you feel about these things and I have to say I'm gratified. I'm not taking it too seriously, but when I saw a chance to put TGB second (the NYU prof with the Duke Rape Case blog seems to have a massive following), I figured I might as well start promoting it.

Tell me the picture of the kitty in the cage did it for you!

dr. dawg - Next year. And as much as I was unaware of the nominating dates, I am amazed CC wasn't up for a category. Again, next year.

Cheryl said...

Dear CC

If you ever get out to BC, get yer ass over to our house and I will cook you a gourmet meal, complete with copious amounts of booze. Booze before the meal, booze in the meal, booze with the meal, booze after the meal.

Many thanks for the Galloping Beaver endorsement.


the rev. said...

CC - thanks for the boost!