Monday, November 19, 2007

I mean, how about a little perspective, eh?

(CC News) - In a surprising development today, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day downplayed the Taser-related death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, calling it "tragic" but wondering why people weren't similarly outraged over impaired driving deaths in Canada.

"Well, sure, that was a bummer," said Day, "but come on, it was just one guy. Last year, more than a thousand people died in Canada because of drunk driving. I mean, really, one, one thousand, do the math, it's not hard."

Continued Day, "And I've been getting a lot of flak lately about how many Canadian troops have died in Afghanistan, too. But that's like what, 70? Whoop de doo. I mean, you folks really need to chill out. Talk about making a big deal out of it. Sometimes you people can be such whiners."

Day then began to draw a comparison between the number of prostitutes allegedly murdered by Robert William Pickton versus the total number of hookers in all of Vancouver, only to be suddenly and unexpectedly hustled off the stage by an aide, who claimed that Day was late for something really, really important.

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Ti-Guy said...

Day argues just like a comparison, rather than with first principles. I'm surprised he didn't dredge up some Liberal policy that he would argue caused the deaths of, oh I don't know...hundreds of thousands of order to distract from the issue at hand. We saw the Conservatives do this in the last Ontario election, with the failure to close the coal-fired plants leading to smog-related deaths.

I can't believe how primitive the Harpies are.