Monday, September 03, 2007

They're so adorable at that age, aren't they?

Well, well, well ... a couple of new kids in town:

Happy New Year

Been thinking about blogging for a while now and September 1 seems as good a time as any to start. I teach undergraduates so this is the beginning of another year with all the accompanying optimism and anxiety. Why not add a blog to the mix?

Sure, why not? Academia, copious free time and all that. :-)

Speaking of teaching, could there be a more rewarding job?

I dunno ... carjacking, maybe?

So, despite the name of this blog, I'll start on a positive note and ease my way into the cynical.

And we'll all be right here, to ease the transition. No, really. So let's all stop by and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

OK, honeymoon's over. Here we are now, entertain us. No pressure.

TEE HEE-FLAVOURED UPDATE: "Oh, yawn ... let's log in and see what happened overnight ... GAAAAAAACKK!!!"

Yes, I am easily amused ... why do you ask?

GREETINGS, PHARYNGULOIDS: And just so you don't think you're all that gosh-darned special, well, we just happen to have our own raving, right-wing crackpots up here. There's her. And there's them. And let's not forget that.

So there. Not feeling quite so cocky now, are you?


the rev. said...

Best of luck to the rookies!

PC said...

We can handle this. CP is tough and I, well I am... Anyway, CP is really tough...

Red Tory said...

PC — Your first mission, should you choose to accept it... Mark Peters! Go knock some sense into that man's silly, proselytizing head.