Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There are no words for this.

No, apparently, they don't have anything more important to be dealing with at the moment:

It had to happen -- a GOP Congressman is calling for hearings into The New York Times's decision to publish MoveOn's anti-Petraeus ad at a cheaper-than-usual rate.

GOP Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia has sent a letter to Oversight Committee chair Henry Waxman demanding a probe into the "scandal."

"It is time for The New York Times to answer publicly, on the record, and under oath for its conduct," Davis writes. "You have repeatedly challenged the public statements of administration and private industry officials and sought testimony under oath. It is time for you to give equal treatment to The New York Times."

And when we get through with those leftist, terrorist-loving, traitorous Timesmen and their discount standby ad rates, I'm sure we'll get right on Fox News and their giveaway of an hour of primetime TV to the Bush administration at no charge.

After all, that would only be fair and balanced, right?


E in MD said...

Yeah it's a scandal. Especially since they gave McCain the same rate.

Personally I hope that whoever shows up to the NYTIMES witchhunt hearing tells Congress to go fuck themselves because they have every right to charge whatever the hell they want to whoever they want.

It's part of that whole free enterprise concept the right wing likes to go on about.

But I guess that only applies to businesses like Fox News.

CC said...

I believe it was to Rudy Giuliani that they gave the same rate. But, of course, you don't hear any right-wing shrieking over that.

Go figure.

Randall said...

I must be missing something. Aren't the Times, as a private corporation, allowed to set whatever prices they like for whatever ads they want? Isn't that the point of Capitalism? Since when does the government get any say in this?